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Thread: The Official Features Request Thread [CM16]

The Official Features Request Thread [CM16]

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    Thanks for the suggestions folks! I'll pass along the things that sound like bugs and add the other stuff above

    Update from our logic team on injuries:

    Injuries – the match engine stops for injuries where the player is forced off, but many more minor injuries occur during the match where the player can continue at reduced condition, but the user may wish to replace the player. Injuries are also tough to balance, particularly as we have in the past had people complain they occur too often...
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    I've just realize this
    there's some player that use his front name as their shirt name
    but their end name is the one that appear on game like James Rodriguez or Bojan Krkic
    can you do something about this?

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    Okay, penalties and free kicks where the player actually shoots don't occur frequently enough. Injuries may need to be increased on the whole, but I'm fine with them the way they are generally. There is one exception to this though, I'm with Wigan in the Premiership and I bought a good goalkeeper this summer (Neco, ovr. 79), to help us avoid relegation. The season is only in November and my keeper has already been injured TWICE this season (not in matches though) and yet my outfield players haven't been injured once so far between them. That needs to change. Corners happen fairly regularly for me, but a little increase wouldn't hurt anyone. Handballs would be a fun addition.

    Controversial decisions would add to the element of realism, for example, linesmen flagging for offside when the player is actually on, fouls awarded for dives, et cetera. Players could also be booked for dissent, diving, or time-wasting.

    I would like to be able to ask the chairman for more funds (either wage, transfer, or both), and the answer (accepted/declined) would be dependent on my success and track record at the club.

    More interactions with players (asking for more game time, handing in transfer requests, et cetera) would be appreciated, and more response options for transfer offers (we'll consider a higher offer, we aren't accepting any transfer requests for this player, etc.) and perspective transfers (we are willing to pay more money, that's our final offer, etc.) would be a good move.

    On the whole youth system thing, perhaps it would be better if players from the academy weren't automatically promoted into the first team. Instead, the youth setup would just be a separate screen under maybe the club menu screen, and we can take a look at our youth players and promote them at our leisure. Youth coach would just increase the quality of the players on the academy screen.

    Another thing I'd like to see is the ability to recall players out on loan when you're short on cover, or when they're in good form on loan at another club.

    Notifications for when players in your shortlist are transfer/loan listed, become free agents, or if their contracts are close to expiring at their clubs would be a nice, handy feature to help us get our targets before other teams beat us to them.

    Also, is it possible to see the overall star rating of other teams? I can analyse their best players and compare them to mine, but I'd like to see their overall ability to give me a clue whether I should be winning or losing this game and then I can adjust my tactics accordingly.

    And finally, when players are planning to retire at the end of the current season, give us a warning about it. The last thing we want is to spend lots of money on a quality player for them only to play for us for a year or two.

    -- Dinosir.
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    Hey guys, what do you think about option to start unemployed? It will make game more realistic and job offers will move to another dimension

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    Brilliant idea david i love playing CM the most realistic way possible by going small clubs, unemployed at the start will add more to the realism

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    Hi,i newbie here ...
    I have a problem...
    Why are there less players in every team, I suggest you have to look at the composition of the team at
    Thank you ...

    And ..
    I'm sorry if i have a bad word ...
    i'm not so good in english language

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    I have a great idea that I really think many people would like and that is if we can make our players.
    we can make our own youth players or add players to the game.
    We could choose there rating, nationality, age, skills, playing positions, club that they come from, etc.
    We could use coaching funds to make those players or make them for free.
    I know I would love to make a player based on me to play in the game and I know others would love it as well.
    thank you for your time

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    Nice idea rex but sadly it might not get implemented due to CM focusing on the real world and as we are not real footballers it more or less wont happen, we can always hope.

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    can you added greece super league and indonesian super league?

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    Hello again
    I was wondering if you can add a transfer and loan to the game. Meaning when i buy a young player i can easy put him on loan after i buy him so he can develop better with a lower team. Instead of waiting a season not using him and then put him on loan. I buy a young player from brazil name grabriel rating 70 age 19 play as fw but my team is inter so i already have better fw so i try loaning him out but only got loan request after the 2nd season that i was playing. Team started to offer loan request after one season later. Plz fix
    Many teams buy young player and loan them out in the same transfer market.

    Also will you be adding mexican league any time sooon?

    Thank for your time.

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    I just want to say a big big thanks to all Champ Man team, who has finally made 1 years loans active. Ive been asking for this since April 2015 and it's great that someone is listening into us. Not like the big games (FIFA, NBA, NHL exc.) where you need at least 10 000 people to actually get listened by programmers.
    So thanks for this improvement. It really made this game better.

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    3 new ideas from me:

    2 year loans;

    Loan with future fee (if I want to keep the player after he went back from loan, I can get him cheaper. When you're asking to loan in a player, there would be "future fee" I can put for how much I can buy him later and if they accept, after the loan is over, I can buy that player for the price that was put in the "future fee");

    Ability to see how much player wants to get per week instead of trying to predict and offering for weeks and weeks.

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    dunno if its been requested but why doesn't the game remember my starting line up from the last game??
    subs brought on start the next game, very annoying, happy new year everyone

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    Agreed trav I asked about this last year and there was a reason behind this, but tbh this needs to be added I rarely use subs because of it...

    Happy new year.

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    Please add Malaysian Super League in this game

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    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum - been playing the game for a few months and it's very addictive! All the suggestions made are great but there were a couple I hadn't seen mentioned which I felt could again improve the game.

    1. So manager history stats have been mentioned - how about player history stats? Their previous clubs year by year and how many matches played, goals scored, assists etc - it could go at the bottom underneath their current season Stats or if not, as another tab you swipe to the right for (the same as when checking out the different group tables for the champs league etc) - it would give you a sense of what a players abilities are not just in terms of attributes but also how they've progressed in previous years.

    2. Another thing that would be great as it really bugs me sometimes, is that once a match is over, that's it - you can't go back and look at player ratings, who scored etc - nothing. It makes sense that in the 'fixtures' tab in the top left, when clicking on previous games it would bring you to the same screen you get at the matchday screen (with overview and player ratings at least).

    3. Having a couple of days at the start of a new season to yourself instead of going straight into a friendly match would be nice as well - to make transfer bids etc, and get back into the swing of things - that one would be very easy to implement.

    4. Some way to keep track of your players on loan - when I loan my players out sometimes, unless I remember their names (especially applicable to youth players i'm unfamiliar with), I have no idea how they've done that season if they've been out on a season long loan, as by the time they return to my squad it's a new season and the stats have been reset! (this is where a player history page would also come in handy!) Couldn't they just stay on our squad screen but in a different colour so you could easily check up on their progress?

    5. One last thing I hadn't seen mentioned is that it seems too easy to offer a new contract to a player and as long as wages are met they accept - i like the idea of a player who, for instance hasn't been playing much or was transfer listed, being unhappy and rejecting new contracts accordingly - it would make us have to work on our man management skills a bit more!

    Also, agree with the addition of 'option to buy' at the end of loans - at least as an option, and counter-offers for transfer bids and wage negotiations instead of just accept and reject.

    All in all though, great job and great game - i'm surprised these boards aren't busier due to the number of people who play - hope my input can be taken on board!
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    Number 1 i totally agree on this.
    Number 2 i really would love this, a few times i have had a good game to screenshot but forgot and not being able to go back and view the match, also it will help analyze performances etc.
    Number 3 Agreed on this one too, this shouldn't be hard to implement, please do it DD.
    Number 4 I have been wanting this since 14, we don't even get reports or anything so we need to remember or write them down to check how there doing.
    Number 5 This is a part of the game that needs looked at imo, as right now it seems they will accept anything as longs your club matches there reputation, even if you aren't going to play them, it needs looked at.

    BTW: this was aimed at Cals post.

    Also can Distinctive not take stuff from the older CM release CM11 I think it was, anyway it was made by Dynamo Games and there was some nice features in there like press conferences etc, if they can work on a device with 512mb ram im sure it should work on low end devices running 1GB ram.
    There even had club logos in it.

    Still tho Champ Man 16 is way better than FMM 16

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    Thanks for the reply Craig - nice to meet you too

    You seem to be quite active on here - do you know if GDArcan visits/responds on here often?

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    I'm always active , GD was active a bit up until SE had annual leave due to it being Xmas and hasn't been seen since.

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    Is GDArcan no more on here? Does anyone know? or is AmyMarie supposed to be taking his place? It seemed he was quite active in responding to this thread up until just prior to Christmas Time and Annual Leave as Craig had mentioned - would be nice if someone from the game was on here responding though and taking on board our suggestions!

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    If only i worked for SE ha as im always active, im sure GD is still GM for SE aswell as AmyMarie but just not as active as he used to be.

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    Haha, If only you did Craig!

    Hmmm well hopefully someone is around to reply sometime soon.

    Ok so I'm in 2033, coming up to my final season after a successful career with Leeds, Dortmund, PSG, Juventus and now Madrid (not a bad CV that!)

    At this point in the game however, it is near impossible to buy players as every club's squad size is too small and they reject your bids, plus there are hardly and quality players being created as NewGens so all the best players in the game are near enough mid to late 30's which is ridiculous. Also, multiple bids put in and received just disappear after being accepted - quite annoying. Pint being, it's great that you've extended the number of seasons to 20 instead of just 12, but it's pointless if the decline in the quality of gameplay due to the above reasons happens - could it be improved so that squad sizes of all teams are sufficient enough so they can accept a bid, and also that the game in general is populated with NewGens of a sufficient quality at these later stages of the game (2030 onwards really).

    Anyone else got this far and experienced anything similar?

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    Hello big fan of cm
    But i notice a couple of problems that i think need improvement.
    The first one is for new clubs to produce more new in the year 2030 and most clubs only have 18. Players on their team and i can not buy any player because of that reason. Why not add newplayers to each club every year like one or two new ones so that. We can still buy players even in the last season of our 20.year career.

    Althought thing is the rating of players. I was manager ofreal madrid and i brought messi because ronaldo was getting old and meesi is two year young them him. But i did not expected for messi rating to drop and ronaldo to stay the same. I notice that some players rating same the same when they are in there 30s but other player rating start to drop when they are only 28 year olds.i know in real life some players start losing their ability at different ages but come on messi is best he should not have that problem until hes around 32 years old. I believe that each player should improve their rating until they hit 30 years old and then make them have the same rating until their 32 or 33 years old and then make it drop. But. Make the goalkeeperrating drop after 34,35 or 36. Years old because goalkeeper laster longer then players on the field.
    Lastly but not least i took control of hull city and got them promoted tofurst divison and then i was ask to make them go to europe league which i think is near impossible to do when you recently promoted. What i believe is every club so first avoid regulation the first year they promoted and then make them go for europe league.
    That would be all for now. I would add some esle later on about national teams later adter i do research.

    As always thank you for your time.

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    Not everyone should improve there rating as that would unrealistic, not everyone improves, its all based on there form and performances on the pitch, take Torres for example amazing for Liverpool Chelsea then buy him for £50mil then he flops, these things happen IRL, players rating and attributes should be based solely on performances on the pitch and training ground.

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    Hello again
    I know that national team is already list as something players want but i would like to give out something that should add to go with national teams. for national team manager apps their are really only two apps in the market and one being from you guy cm 14 and the other being true football national team manager in qhich i have to say is a good game but you guys cm 14 is way better than theirs just that it end after completing the world cup. You guy can get some tips from true. Football national to add to the game. You guys could add qualifications to the world cup and even domestic cup. Cup that you can add to national teams are gold cup which is america cup,asian cup,oceanic cup,euro cup ,african cup and many more cups out their. You can also add the youth national team for us to have new players every year.

    There is a lot of things you can add to national team with so many thing you guys can add it could also be making a different app for national team. A good name for this could be Champ man nations or champ man world manager. You could add the number of times the players have player for their country,goal scored,clean sheet, rating, form ,etc. You can even put if the player is playing bad in their club or if they are injure. i know a lot of players that play cm16 wishing to manage a national team.their is so many thing you can do with adding natinal team that i can not list them all here because it so long but i know you guys can do it. You guy made champ man a very great game to manager and i know it would be even greater by adding national team.

    Hopefully you consider some of my thought.
    As always thank you for your time.

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