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Thread: Max is Rachel (maybe even Chloe)

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    Max is Rachel (maybe even Chloe)

    Anyone has seen Shutter Island? What if theres no mystery, no time travel, and we're just perceiving world from mind of someone with personality disorder?
    What if there were Rachel and Chloe, they had car crash, Chloe died and Rachel could not take it so she assumed another personality(es), she thinks she's Max and Chloe and shes trying to deal with it. Find herself.

    There were some references about Rachel being like Max (when she posed for picture), Chloe was sure she is same size as Rachel when she borrowed her clothes. Nathan was pleasingly surprise when she saw her in those clothes and when he focused he realized its not her (mentally).

    Chloe never does anything without Max, she's always waiting. She never actually did anything, you can watch every scene without her and nothing changes. There are many references in graffity like "You have to let go" "Please let me die" etc. Maybe its just her subconsiousnes telling her, she has to let Cloe die, in her mind to find Rachel (herself) .. why so many references about selfies?

    It would explain why she didnt have photo of Kate being bullied by David when she rewinded, because there is no rewind, its only in her head. Or rewind when she jumps, she actually know she can't change it. Nobody minds rotting whales on beach because there aren't any. Dying birds, tornado may just forecast that her mind is shattering, lightouse is used to guide sailors, symbolic when it gets destroyed?

    Could very well explain so many Rachels relations with others. She was best friend with Chloe, Chloe perhaps loved her, she knew it and thats why she didn't tell her about Nathan. He obviously liked her too. And he may be involved in car crash which killed Chloe and "lost" Rachel, thats why hes unstable and on meds, everybody hates him. And then there is Frank. What did he say about her "Nobody knew her like I did and even I coudnt help where she was going" and when Chloe said she loved her he says "You were part of her problem". I would say he could be even her real dad. His dog doesn't seem to be how we perceive him through Max. The name? He doesn't bark on her?

    I could go on and on, with Samuel saying Rachel casts light and shadow at once. You can do that with personality disorder, you just switch between personalities isntantly.

    So theres no dark room, its probably simple doctors office, thats why Nathan goes there too and there are files on other girls. Theres too many of them. Jefferson could be actually helping her as a Doctor. And yes, Prescotts could actually pay for it. Especially if Nathan was reason of the accident. They're just trying to help.

    Too many choices between Chloe and someone else. You have to let go and yet she still needs saving, you have to choose between Chloe and Kate, Chloe and David...Chloe and Frank...Chloe and railway. Maybe its all just evaluation if she's dangerous in this state to others and if shes prepared to let her go as in alternate time line. (Which could be denied reality)

    References to Twin Peaks maybe just real, since they could watch Blade Runner in alternate timeline, we can assume that Twin Peaks also exists. She trapped herself into Twin Peaks fantasy in attempt to solve her own problems, others are just playing along.

    So there it is.

    EDIT: To support my theory, I looked up spirit animals, heres Owl:

    The vision and hearing of Grandmother Owl is very powerful. Those with this medicine are can be gifted with the ability to see into the human psychic and become clairvoyant listeners. Owl often visits those who are teachers, therapists and counselors.

    Grandmother Owl is often thought to come to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed.

    Nothing evil about the Owl,
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    I just have one question regarding Frank being her Dad...
    Why would her dad have a picture like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TSUSMC9 View Post
    Why would her dad have a picture like this?
    Why not?

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    I wrote a similar theory only it was Max coping with her own death, similar to "The Lovely Bones"
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