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In-game friends

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    In-game friends

    Most of the time when i have friends who are already in games what i want to know is if they finish their match soon and since i cannot whisper them or anything unless i write to them in steamchat which requieres them to alt tab and respond which isn't usually an option since when in match you can't take random breaks. I suggest instead of seening Team Deathmatch- .... put it like TDM R1/R2-07:20 remaining for instance or for Capture the Body CtB -R1/.... you get the idea. So mode with acronym Round 1 or 2 and time remaining. Waiting for some feedback ^_^

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    Nice Idea.

    Imma +1 this.

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    Ah, cool suggestion! I'll pass it on
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    Thank you for the nice feedback . Hope more will notice since i think if the suggestion reaches where it should it will be implemented

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    This would be an amazing thing to happen, been needing something like this for ages

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    +1 really good idea. like it pretty much

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    Well then again... BUMP

    Hello i am making this as to restate my suggestion which had positive feedback yet nothing, not implemented not anything! Instead of having to see friends in the friendlist TEAM DEAT... something we could be seeing TDM/ DTB (Drag the body, but would sound better drag the corpse) and so on and ROUND as in R1/R2 and time left 08:43 for instance or just 8 Min or 7 MIN that would be easier to know whether it's worth waiting on them or not. So let's say you enter the game check online friends and you see "Player TDM R1 05:44" and you know whether or not you're gonna wait that much. My second suggestion is also one i made that got no feedback about making in league mode Region a choice. Last night i was put in NAm servers with 140+/-4 ping on high ranking matches, i believes most of us were eternal and not just that but 8/8 players all from EU. How does something like that even happen?! No, i did not just assume by the lag, i asked the players during the match. Hope at least one of them gets implemented

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    Ability to select region before searching for lobbies, as well as being able to see more info about the current game your friends are in? Can't argue against that. I'll vote in favor.

    The only potential problem I can think of, is that Nosgoth still has a sort of limited player popularity, which might make region filters cause an increase in queue times.

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    Well i don't think so, cause for instance i get never put in NAm servers unless it's like 4-5 AM in my country. Otherwise it never puts me in a NAm server. For me it's unplayable with alchem, sent,tyrant,summoner plus anything i play i get random teleports from team or foes it's basically trash for me rendering me to being useless or of low use for my team..