Thread: digital pricing on Final Fantasy Type-0; $60 STILL?!

digital pricing on Final Fantasy Type-0; $60 STILL?!

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    digital pricing on Final Fantasy Type-0; $60 STILL?!

    I'd like to talk about the pricing of Final Fantasy Type-0, currently listed at it's full $59.99 price it released on.

    First off I'd like to say that despite my desire to play this I'm not going to get it at that price, especially not now after it's been out this long. I felt that the full price of $59.99 was largely leveraged on the fact you guys were debuting the Final Fantasy XV demo tied to the release of FF Type-0, thus people needed to buy Type-0 to play the FFXV demo. Now, I'm not upset you guys did this (AT THE TIME), like I said you had the leverage to do this, but let's get real, the demo has long since served any purpose that will have justified that price.

    Let's just look at the game on its merits, surely I'll give it the benefit of the doubt it is a great game, but it's a years old port of what was originally a Japanese only PSP game. Most re-releases of last gen games that weren't huge hits like say GTA V was aren't releasing at $60, they're releasing at $40, like Dishonored, or say DMC4 at $25 or DMC Definitive for $40, or Dark Souls II: Scholar's of First Sin at $40. Halo MCC released at $60 but hey that's EVERY critically acclaimed Halo game ever made (nearly), Metro Redux sells at $30.

    Anyhow, the current price of Final Fantasy Type-0 on disc appears to be about $40 at most retailers these days, even Amazon lists it at $40 (discounted another $15 selling around $25)... and, digitally, the game still retails for $60 on the Xbox One digital store. That's ridiculous.

    Can we please please PLEASE get a price cut on this already?! While you're at it, flash sale it since you've made us wait soooo long for a price cut? I don't get why you guys don't support digital. Less overhead. No copies to end up on used game market. No retailer cut. I kind of baffles me publishers ignore the importance of their digital market when it can be a great way with cutting overhead to get people to try your games.

    On the Xbox One Store it's still listed at $59.99, On PlayStation Network it's still $49.99 but that's still $10 more than it should have been on release, and that was somewhat forever ago why hasn't it been discounted? I mean, be modest here at least, a $39.99 non discounted listing to match the disc retail MSRP with maybe the occasional digital sale. Is that too much to ask?
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