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Thread: ROTTR International Voice Actors

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    ROTTR International Voice Actors

    Straight from Crystal, here is the official list of Lara voice actors for the localized versions of ROTTR.

    Language VO Talent
    French Alice David
    Italian Benedetta Ponticelli
    German Maria Koschny
    Spanish (EMEA) Guiomar Alburquerque
    Spanish (LATAM) Marisol Romero
    Japanese Yuko Kaida
    Korean Lee Soyeong, 이소영
    Traditional Chinese/Mandarin Chen Jen Yu
    Simplified Chinese/Mandarin Yang Meng, Lu
    Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bullara
    Polish Karolina Gorczyca
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    I just saw that they changed the voice actress in Germany and was like NOOOO, but now I saw that they took Katniss' voice actress instead. Good job guys, you know how to make me happy. YES.
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