Thread: Can't download Nosgoth client

Can't download Nosgoth client

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    Can't download Nosgoth client

    Hi guys,
    A friend of mine is interested to starting to play Nosgoth but for some reasons he can't download it from both Steam and official site. He run into an error that consists in a message that's like "looking for updates for steam games" (it's in italian, I traslated it litterally to eng) and then nothing else happens and the downolad doesn't start.
    Downloading other free to play games works totally fine (tried with Team Fortress 2, Dota2 and warframe).
    It also appear in the Nosgoth page of the Steam store a button tha basically says: "do you have this game in your library alrdy, play it now", but same problem, nothing happens at all and the game doesn't start.
    Forgot to say that the game doesn't appear in the Steam Library at all.

    We tried to downolad it for all yesterday (17/09/2015) and today since now (10:30 --> Italian hour)

    Have a good day and thanks for the time you spent for me.

    PS: I apologyze for my bad english but i hope someone can help me anyway

    Have a good day

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    Sorry your friend is experiencing issues. Has he checked to see that it hasn’t started the download somewhere, as in created files in the Steam folder? Also best to check if it has created a Nosgoth folder in their Games section. Maybe check to see if it’s registered in his Programs. If so uninstall and then try restarting computer and Steam and try again.

    Failing that (hopefully someone more technical than me can assist) or maybe try contacting the SE Support Centre to see if they can assist.

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    Thank you guys for the replies!
    I'll try and then let you know if it worked or not

    Find that aswell... it's the exactly same issue we got

    second link 10/10 worked for us!
    Ty all guys... new player incoming
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    Never mind... a pc restart up everything again. As it was before, only nosgoth download has troubles...
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