Thread: Summon Night 5 for PSP, this is how SE should release Type-0

Summon Night 5 for PSP, this is how SE should release Type-0

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    Summon Night 5 for PSP, this is how SE should release Type-0

    i honestly really applaud the company, Gaijin Works for releasing Summon Night 5 the way they are, giving us a nice LE physical release of the game WITH a code to dload the digital version free off psn. why the heck couldn't SE do this for Type-0 3yrs ago? i mean if the vita is gonna be the new popular sony handheld, release the game for PSP, give us a kick-a$$ collectors edition, and a dload code for getting the game on our vita via psn!

    i mean the game was 95% done when they decided to cancel the game on us, all the voice work had been done, according to a few sources. and what i don't get is they are still shafting the people that own a vita, with not releasing the HD version of the game for vita, or the releasing the digital version of the psp version as a code, included in a physical copy. there is something very wrong with SE!

    i am very sure Sony had something to do w/ the original psp delay/cancellation due to the timing of the vita's release.

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    so you are all going to be complacent and just accept type-0 hd and not care about the fact that SE shafted those of us that imported the game originally on the psp, and wanted the handheld version of the game, and it was us early adopters of type-0 jp, that spread the word around how amazing the game was and that it needed to get localized?

    or the fact that in the original statement in the the type-0 ultimania guide, the team said they had toyed with the idea of releasing an hd version of type-0 , but decided against it, and now we have one but the vita doesnt get it, just the consoles and pc?! really?

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    I certainly still want Type-0 to get released for PS Vita in the west. After the fiasco on the PS blog about it not coming to Vita I stopped buying SE games, and don't intend to buy any until this situaiton is corrected.

    I'm also a supporter of Gaijinworks and have ordered Summon Night 5 as well, and certainly think that SE should consider contacting them for releasing Type-0,

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    due to this debacle and the Versus 13/FF15 mess where they left us in the dark for 3yrs instead of telling us it was on the next gen console, i have also stopped buying SE games new, i get them used, though, that way i can play the games, but they don't get a cent of my money. seeing the versus 13 2011 trailer was the main reason i ended up getting a ps3, due to the trailer saying the game was for ps3.