I totally love the game right now. Very atmospheric, fast paced, cool, brutal.


-But the inbalance is destroying the game. Mostly due to the matchmaking and leaving. I'm looking forward the changes, but 1 problem still stands.

Why would anyone join, and not leave instantly in a very lost game?

I love how the leaving is not punished, but this way, no one would stay in a lost game. My solution is a so called "savior" gamemode. You join the savior queue and you'll only be joined in games where people are missing and the team is losing badly. You'd receive 50% boost for gold and for xp, and in addition, if you manage to carry the team (end up in the first or the second place in you team) you'd get a flat bonus of gold.

The problem is, why would anyone join the normal queue then?

Because in this gamemode would be limited to the people who could turn the tide (high skill rating) and if you join you could only leave with penalties (queue join disable for limited time, negative % of gold and xp earned).

At the end of the game you wouldn't be thrown back to the lobby, but the main screen.

-Another thing: this game highly focused on teamwork, yet it rewards personal achievements way more. In a few games, I do much more dmg than my teammates, yet, they take all the kills, because i simply cant get the killing blow. There was a game where I had 25 assists and 3 kills, (we won by getting the 30 kills) and I've done more than one third of the teams total dmg, yet the other 3 was much more vastly rewarded, because they lucked for the killing blows. This is at least annoying. In the rank i was the last of my team, with the least points, but most dmg. But the opposite happened too, i was the worst in my team, yet i got the most kills, the most points, and most xp. This is far from fair.

More reward for dmg done.
Reward for teamplay relevant elements (CC-d enemies, saved allies (even if the enemy gets away)etc)

-The final thing i miss dearly:
PINGS. In portal 2 coop there's an awesome toolkit of pings, you can point, target, etc. I find this lack of fast communication disturbing. There should be a way to communicate "i'm going in" "help me" etc, and pointing out the enemy's location.

That's all I wanted guys, thank you for reading this, and please forget the "stfu fckin fggt, this is retarded" style of communication.