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Class Bundles - Alchemist feedback

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    Hi everyone!

    As has been requested in the past, we're looking into putting together some play-style bundles for each class. These would be packs of complementing abilities/weapons, giving you a specific loadout in one go, for a specific play-style. We have our ideas of what some great loadouts would be, but we'd like to hear from YOU!

    For instance for the Alchemist, many of you may have a "Supportive" loadout that you use, to back up team mates with healing, and an "Offensive" loadout, to do max damage.

    What do your ideal loadouts look like? Everyone has their own preference, and there is potential for some great variation, allowing for instance for two very different packs! Let us know!

    This thread is for discussion of the ALCHEMIST only. Please check out the list of other threads here.
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    Alchemist support - Healing Mist and Sunlight Vial. Gives you good healing potential with Healing Mist, and at the same time you can blind Vampires, giving your teammates of yourself chance to escape.

    Alternative - mixed Alchemist build - Healing Mist and Light Bomb. This build allows you to heal with Healing Mist, but at the same time you can deal additional damage with Light Bomb. Light bomb is especially useful for dealing quick burst of damage after you throw Healing Mist.

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    I tend to use multi-cannon, light bomb and flamethrower a lot.

    Multi-cannon, light bomb poison cloud would make a good wide-area bundle.

    The high damage cannon (is that fulbore?) could go well with the sunlight vial, since you might want to do as much damage as possible while the enemy is blinded. It would allow better use of the smaller clip. Perhaps put the flame thrower with that, in case you need it when your clip runs out, since the vial is already your escape skill with that setup.
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    I must say that the build which proved so far the best for my playstyle would be this:

    Offensive kamikaze build
    Fullbore Cannon+Light Bomb+Poison Cloud - Fullbore needs good aiming but does a lot of damage and has good reach. I use light bomb to finish off vampires close to death or a Reaver on evasion. Poison Cloud is good for crowded areas to help your teammates but can also prevent the vampires to feed by tossing it under fresh corpses or your own feet when you are close to death.

    As for the perk, I go with Tinkerer, which is a good complement to the Fullbore cannon.
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    For the Alchemist

    PRIMARY WEAPON: Fulbore Cannon

    Massive damage if you're skilled enough with ballistics.

    SECONDARY WEAPON: Healing Mist (Supporting), Flame Wall (DPS)

    Healing mist is useful, but the teasm must be coordinated. And you have to choose carefully where to throw the potion.

    Fire Wall it's a defensive manouver that can be used in many ways. Escaping, burn a Reaver that is slaughtering one of your friends, make a safeplace for teammates like the Volley of scouts, or just scare vampires and make them rethink of attacking.


    The best attack in my opinion. it does a good quantity of damage, and it's immediate, fast and versatile. I lkie to throw it right in the middle of a close quarter battle with other teammates. It gives support, and a chance of getting some kills.

    PERK: Quick Wits

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    Some of my feedbacks. Sorry for my... approximative english. (:


    Healing Mist

    I am not really fond of this ability, even with coordinated team, since it's pretty easy for vampires to instantly deny the area (smoke, choking haze). Anyway, trying to stay in that big blue circle during a fight is just suicide. It can be useful between harass waves, but not really in dynamic fight situations. I don't find it worth the sacrifice of Flamewall/Poison Cloud.

    What I suggest is to rebuild the skill in order to make it apply an aoe HOT instead of a durable healing aoe. In my mind, it would explode (X radius), where allied targets in the area would recieve a HOT and enemy targets some slow. X radius, Y/s HOT, Z% of slow, balancing is your job, you could see that, but I think the skill would win some utility that way. It would be a balanced, tricky and good defensive skill.

    (Tell me if what I am saying makes no sense, I will try to explain again, as I said english is not my native language.)



    Very sensitive to CC and makes you unable to do anything else during the firing. Still being able to canon shot during the canalization would make the spell more useful, since other secondary abilities do not disrupt you when you use them as Flamethrower does.


    Poison Cloud

    Where Flame Wall applies a very good DOT and a slow on only one tick, Poison Cloud does not DPS that much before the vampire dodges it. Being able to throw it is the real advantage on Flame Wall, but it is pointless while it is very easy to avoid. Improving the gas effect would be a good idea. Maybe not a DOT, but a buff for allies? Movement speed, armor?


    Other abilites do not sound bad in my ears, I have nothing more to say. Maybe 100 damages on Sunlight Vial to try to make it more used?

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    My favorite loadout: Light Bomb, Poison Mist, Fullbore, Tinkerer.

    One issue with alchemist though is the lack of viable options for the Q button, the F button is where alchemist is really interesting.

    Support Bundle: Multi-cannon, Healing Mist, Quick Wits.

    AoE: Multi-cannon, Light Bomb, Poison mist, Quick Wits.

    Maximum damage: Fullbore, Light Bomb, Flamethrower, Tinkerer
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    Primary: Fullbore Cannon
    Secondary: Light Bomb
    Tertiary: Flame wall or poison cloud, depending on situation. Aggressive vamps = flame wall. Passive vamps = Poison cloud for extra range.
    Perk: Tinkerer

    Primary: Multi Cannon for added projectiles for scouting rooftops
    Secondary: Healing Mist
    Tertiary: Light Bomb- Always will be the best way to kill a fleeing reaver that popped evasion
    Perk: Tinkerer

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    I usually use a mixed offensive and defensive loadout.

    Hand Cannon - Decent dmg and rate of fire but mostly due to the waaaay better reload time compared to the Fullbore Cannon. The faster reload speed can often become a life saver.

    Primary Ability:
    Lightbomb - For an easy AoE hit or when reavers use evasion, deciever stealth or no more rounds in clip.

    Secondary Ability:
    Healing Mist - For extra support, healing mist is a great addition to the team.

    Vigor for the extra health but could also go Quick Hands for faster reload speed or Fleet Footed for better positioning.
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    Fullbore/Light Bomb/Healing Mist seems like a decent support build. Fullbore's support comes in being able to break all strong vampire cc with one shot, it's a pretty strong choice compared to the Hand Cannon too, though since playing with the default I think it's slightly better for the sheer reload speed even if there's only a minor damage per clip increase (when talking about a pure damage option).

    Light Bomb also breaks cc and is a fast burst that can aggressively save an ally by finishing off a vampire. Besides that it's the only non-default primary skill and Sunlight Vial just doesn't seem very useful in it's current form.

    I don't have a favourite loadout for Alchemist, the only thing that's certain is the Light Bomb. I swap because Hand and Fullbore for DPS vs instant pounce/kidnap/dominate breaks (besides it's a lot easier to aim and land one bomb on a flying Sentinel than it is two). I use every secondary (except for flamethrower unless strongly ahead and the vamps will be up close enough to have some fun), FireWall is for self defence or when using a camping spot near a corridor, Poison is an offensive support option as opposed to Firewall's selfishness, Healing counters poke or hit and run tactics (or sometimes you just feel like healing all your buddies mid fight instead of hurting all the vamps).

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    Multicannon, light bomb and healing mist for support build

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    Tend to do...

    Light bomb
    Poison goo


    Viscous cannon
    Light bomb
    Flame thrower

    I only tend to switch to healing on occasion as usually I tend to die first so don't have chance to support the team.

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    I use following loadouts:

    Fullbore cannon
    Light bomb
    Fast hands

    or this loadout:

    Multi cannon
    Light bomb
    Tinkerer or Cooldown.
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