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Class Bundles - Scout feedback

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    Post Class Bundles - Scout feedback

    Hi everyone!

    As has been requested in the past, we're looking into putting together some play-style bundles for each class. These would be packs of complementing abilities/weapons, giving you a specific loadout in one go, for a specific play-style. We have our ideas of what some great loadouts would be, but we'd like to hear from YOU!

    For instance for the Alchemist, many of you may have a "Supportive" loadout that you use, to back up team mates with healing, and an "Offensive" loadout, to do max damage.

    What do your ideal loadouts look like? Everyone has their own preference, and there is potential for some great variation, allowing for instance for two very different packs! Let us know!

    This thread is for discussion of the SCOUT only. Please check out the list of other threads here.
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    My favorite loadout: Composite, Trap, Knives, +hp perk.

    AoE bundle: Storm Bow, Turret, Quick Wits.

    Sniper bundle: Swift Bow, Grapple, Camo, Tinkerer.

    Camper bundle: Trap, Camo, Quick Wits.
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    Just started playing him and i love him already . super fun .

    My loadout :
    Warbow - Mark (?) - Volley/Trap/Carmourflage

    - Warbow ... great bow for 1v1 , shut down vamps from afar ( knock sents/tyrants jump/reaver pounce to the ground or shut them down from afar , be annoying )
    - Volley to cover ur teamates . Lure out vamps on rooftops
    - Trap for indoor .
    - Carmourflage for solo queue hard carry .
    - With mark , u will deal 205 dmg per shot if the vamp is marked ...
    And btw , i use ammo perk for more arrows .
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    I usually run Warbow for disables, especially vs Jumping tyrants, knife for more disable, and auto-turret for damage, and being usable indoors makes it way better than volley.
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    i sucks at aiming the throwing knife skill so after a few matches , i actually found out that mark and warbow combination are actually good for 1v1 . U deal 205 dmg per shot , which mean 5 arrows can kill any non-tyrant vamp .
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    Recently I've gone back to the default loadout with Tinkerer perk. I tend to switch between Swift and Compound though, only 1.3 seconds to charge is great. Easy burst to aid allies during fights and much easier to charge and punish vampires at range than having to wait 2 seconds, hope no bombs are thrown at you and limit your vision. I bought turret recently too, it's been fantastic for mowing down vampire teams that are strongly focused on long, left click engagements. Easier to hit a couple of them at a time because they're closer together and the faster setup time than Volley is really helpful.

    Really not sure what a good Scout pack would be. What about Stormbow/Camo/Trap? The "strain your eyes or you'll lose your target and get blasted" pack.

    Storm and Turret also both work as a anti-group loadout (to some extent).

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    The bows are equally effective in broad terms but I would recommend either war bow for a support build and storm bow for dps, with knives and trap.

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    Grappling hook requires major "buff" on "The Fane" and "Valeholm".
    The Fane: 2 roofs + few shortcuts + suicidal fountain.
    a) Roof nearby fountain: medium-low overview bonus, hard to jump down without taking damage.
    b) Roof nearby "vamppalace": low overview bonus, team will never stay nearby your location.
    c) Mid "face" fountain: no vision, no team support, easy target for vamps.
    Valeholm: 2 roofs + shortcuts.
    Roofs+shortcuts are great, but it's not enough. Still better than "The Fane".

    On "Freeport" and "Provence" hook is instant pick even against 4x reavers/deceivers.

    Note: only for tdm, grappling hook is worthless on siege.

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