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Class Bundles - Hunter feedback

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    Post Class Bundles - Hunter feedback

    Hi everyone!

    As has been requested in the past, we're looking into putting together some play-style bundles for each class. These would be packs of complementing abilities/weapons, giving you a specific loadout in one go, for a specific play-style. We have our ideas of what some great loadouts would be, but we'd like to hear from YOU!

    For instance for the Alchemist, many of you may have a "Supportive" loadout that you use, to back up team mates with healing, and an "Offensive" loadout, to do max damage.

    What do your ideal loadouts look like? Everyone has their own preference, and there is potential for some great variation, allowing for instance for two very different packs! Let us know!

    This thread is for discussion of the HUNTER only. Please check out the list of other threads here.
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    Okay, my loadout as a Hunter:

    - PRIMARY WEAPON: Bolt Thrower

    Why I use that crossbow? The clipsize. I've noticed that vampires tend to underestimate the 1 on 1 capability of the Hunter.

    Even if you're almost full life, sometimes the vamp attacks you believing that you're likely escape or rolling to avoid attacks. I stand, and I empty my magazine of 38 - 35 bolts on them. Most of the time, even if I'm badly injured, I take the kill.

    A part for this "tactic", it's useful not recharging your clip many times, because it leaves you unprepared.


    Helps a lot with the tactic I've mentioned above. Also, bolas can stop vampires while climbing, or reavers while jumping, or when they are slaghtering a comrade.

    TERTIARY WEAPON: Granade Launcer (default one)

    I prefer that instead of granades because is it's quite accurate, and granades explode immediatly. Dealing less damage of course, but it's a fast and useful attack, expecially with low life class like Decivers and Reavers.

    PERK: Steadiness

    It's useful with the Bolt Thrower. The more shots you fire, the less accurate you are, it helps to hit enemies at medium range too.

    (click image to enlarge)

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    My default loadout right now is Repeater, Whip, Explosive shot, Deadeye.

    Bundle ideas:

    Burst: Siege Bow, Grenade, Poison Bola, Quick Wits.

    Full auto: Bolt Thrower, Whip, Blinding Shot, Steadiness.
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    Here's the loadout I use:

    Siege bow - Can't think of some specific reason... I simply like it the most.

    Poison bola - I like having this ability because it can stop vampire from attacking you for a few seconds, while it does some damage to them as well. It's really satisfying to throw it on a low-health vampire, focus on his teammates, and then just get a "+100XP Kill" notification few seconds later. Also, I noticed that even if someone breaks the bola, the damage from poison is still getting applied.

    Sticky grenade - I love this ability. Too bad I can't have it on all humans. While it does have a much smaller radius and slightly smaller damage than normal grenade, I like the 1 second fuse length and, as the name suggests, the ability to stick anywhere. In that way I don't have to think too much where should I throw the grenade so that after 2 seconds it explodes and does maximum damage. I just throw it on a vampire It can also be pretty devastating if vampires are extremely close to one another. I got a triple kill once with it.

    Deadeye - I'm not too accurate, so this helps me a little. But if you have a good aim, this perk will maximize your damage output.

    Also, few times I managed to survive 1v2 battles by throwing poison bola on one vamp and sticky grenade on another.

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    most used loadout atm :

    Repeater - Whip - Grenade Bomb/Sticky Grenade

    - Repeater , high dps , fast reload + Whip ( can interupt vampire attacks , skills ) + Sticky Grenade for 1v1 duels .
    - Grenade Bomb to lure out vampires on the rooftops or use it on teamates who r being attacked by vamps .
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    Multibow/Whip/Sticky, the "kill it dead" bundle.

    Picked multibow because the repeater is default and it provides a little burst at least :P

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    Support/team defense: bolt thrower, whip, grenade
    Offense: Siege, poison bola, blinding shot

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