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Class Bundles - Reaver feedback

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    Hi everyone!

    As has been requested in the past, we're looking into putting together some play-style bundles for each class. These would be packs of complementing abilities/weapons, giving you a specific loadout in one go, for a specific play-style. We have our ideas of what some great loadouts would be, but we'd like to hear from YOU!

    For instance for the Alchemist, many of you may have a "Supportive" loadout that you use, to back up team mates with healing, and an "Offensive" loadout, to do max damage.

    What do your ideal loadouts look like? Everyone has their own preference, and there is potential for some great variation, allowing for instance for two very different packs! Let us know!

    This thread is for discussion of the REAVER only. Please check out the list of other threads here.
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    My favorite loadout: Leap Attack, Choking Haze, Shadow Step, Undying Wisdom or Frenzy.

    Mobility Bundle: Leap Attack, Shadow Step, Undying Wisdom.

    Melee Bundle: Kick, Choking Haze, Haste, Bloodlust or whatever that perk that increases speed on kill is.
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    Havent done a whole lot of Reaver but i do consider it a great class for harassment and shock trooper after another class has initiated. I usually use what you might call the Cookie Cutter build as its without a doubt the strongest 1v1 build in the game, at least in my opinion.

    Special Ability:
    Sweeping Kick - Great dmg, low cooldown, staggers the enemy, fast to use.

    Primary Ability:
    Choking Haze - Great for harassment or splitting up the enemy team. Can be a bit difficult to use but great when you get the feel of it. Can also completely counter the Alchemist Healing Mist since it has a much larger radius and about the same cooldown.

    Secondary Ability:
    Haste - Super speed! You hit faster, run faster, kick faster. With this you'll be able to take any lone human 1v1 without major issue and will also make you move towards the next target at faster rate. The downside is ofcourse that you havent got any defensive abilties if you choose this, so if you go in you're most likely there to the death - though ofcouse you got the extra runspeed to flee aswell just not nearly as good as with the other two choices

    Bloodlust - Pairs well with Haste as it increases your attack and movement speed after the first human hits the ground.

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    My fav one :
    Sweeping Kick - Shadow Bomb - Shadow Step
    -> Thow a shadow bomb , get in and kick ur prey , finish him if possible or just simple shadow step out and wait till shadow step up ten go in again . ( u wont be sneaky this time since shadow bomb have long cd )

    - Use Chooking Haze on newbs or when ur team have another reaver , 2 reaver with chooking haze spam is hard to avoid for humans
    - Use Evasion when thier teams have prophets , hunters , scouts with 1 or none alchemists .
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    My old reliable is savage pounce, choke haze, and evasion with undying wisdom

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    I play the Reaver as a sort of harasser/punisher. If someone gets too far away from the rest of the team, he's dead. Except for that, I usually just try to burst damage on the enemies or finish them off. Afer that I just hide and repeat. I either initiate, creat chaos so my allies can get in. If not, I use the chaos to get in close and personal so I can pick them off one at a time.

    My build is as follows; Kick, Shadow Bomb & Shadow Step.

    I'm using kick instead of Pounce as I rarely have time to finish the enemy off with it. Kick is a great ability to kill lone survivors you've chased away from the group.

    Shadow Bomb is great for spreading the humans apart. They can't stay in it so they usually leave, sometimes to different directions. This means you can either grab someone is the fog or on one side of it.

    Shadow Step is great if you're not using pounce. It lets you enter combat faster and it let's you leave it just as fast. If I'm playing a map with several levels, I often Shadow Step in, strike them once or twice, jump down, run around, get up on the other side, strike again then Shadow Step away from there.

    I'm going to try Choking Haze later, just not sure if it's better than Shadow Bomb if you're going MMA-style on them.

    Going to get Bloodlust later, just don't wanna spend all my gold just yet

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