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Thread: Tutorial Upgrade

Tutorial Upgrade

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    The devs have stated they want to improve this feature. They'll probably be adding either something like a practice mode and/or a tutorial for each class individually.

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    Bug with vampire tutorial... when i try to finish the enemy the game stuck and always force you to quit from the tutorial...

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    Originally Posted by VforVeteran
    Bug with vampire tutorial... when i try to finish the enemy the game stuck and always force you to quit from the tutorial...
    Came here to post something about this. Just as I'm supposed to drain the defeated enemy, I am stuck: can't move, can't drain, can't kill, can spin around though. Wasn't sure if this was because I was near to a wall and hit some clipping issue.

    The ability to save progress through the tutorial instead of having to restart it would be helpful for things like this.

    Also I have no idea how long the tutorial is: how many classes or how much time it will take.

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    New Tutorial System


    i've being playing the game for a couple weeks now and invited some friends to play...

    the thing is, they don't understand English as much as i do... so looking back to the tutorial i was thinking that maybe you could use more colourful notifications when attempting to perform what you have to do, or bring a big yellow mark on the screen, and to encourage new players you could give a bonus of XP and Credits when finishing the tutorial (only for the first time you do it) so they will learn how to play and they'll have the oportunity to buy a weapon for their first match! ;D

    and no matter what language they speak, the coloured tutotial will be pretty much universal language...

    i will upload some ideas later in the night. See you all!

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    Tutorial Upgrade

    A while ago I saw an announcement about the game in site and today, I downloaded the game, by the game have a mechanical a little unusual, I decided to do the tutorial before starting a game indeed .

    During the tutorial I ended up staying with the character inside the wall, but that is a topic for another thread, this problem made me realize that there is no option to restart the tutorial.

    My suggestions to developers are:

    - Insert a button restart tutorial.
    - Insert a button restart human tutorial.
    - Insert a button restart vampire tutorial.

    Anyway, make each part of the tutorial more accessible without having to finish the tutorial, start it again and get to the part you do not understand right, and of course, add more functions that could be interesting for learning.

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