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Square Enix Casting-- Acting Submissions

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    Square Enix Casting-- Acting Submissions

    This is a post asking about acting jobs. This is separate from employment, since employees ethically should not be paid for acting and their normal 9-5 position.

    I'm not sure if I asked this before. But does square Enix accept unsolicited voice over demos? Normally, I would not ask a question because I don't have the range of an epic American hero. I sound like Vann, Tidus, and Hope put together. Yes, I'm 35 and I have that whiny Van and Tidus voice. I can go deeper, but it's a real strain and sounds fake.

    While on a movie set, I talked to a guy who worked for a company in LA. He asked if I had experience. I said "no. Not really." At that time my Highlander fan film credit on imdb and 1 line in a short film was all I had---no hard core acting experience. He replied "yeah. About l0-15 years ago, the company would allow me to send in anyone I liked. However, these days they want people with lot of experience. "

    And i know from being an extra in Los Angeles, companies prefer to hire people who live within the reigon. Although technically, SAG members can work anywhere.

    Does square ever list roles om breakdown services? Or is Square really hush hush about roles and only take represented talent or people with a ton of VO experience? Does Square ever list roles outside of the Southern California region such as Seattle Washington?
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