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Thread: the red binders and Is Rachel really dead?

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    the red binders and Is Rachel really dead?

    Hi Life Is Strange friends

    I want to show at first all names from the red binders from the dark room and my theroy!
    I think that every week one girl was at the dark room and that for just one time. I want to show what I mean on the first pics:

    So why I show you this, is just the beginning for the quastion: Is Rachel really dead?

    I think that the dead person on the junkyard is not Rachel and I want to find out why we have the name Megan Weaver from the alternative reality. Also we know that a Megan was in the Dark Room. So why we get a name when we don't need it? So I think that binder with the name is Megan Weaver!!

    Next is: Rachel was missed since april 22 and hang out some month with frank! she was in the dark room before kate and i think that rachel was in it 2 weeks ago (week before kate). If Rachel is dead she is 2 weeks on the place from the junkyard. Max said: "Uh that smell...". After 2 weeks a monster smell?? A corpse in a bag under the ground and it smells very strong? I think that can be! But someone after 13 weeks I think yes this is possible! Also possible that it is just a dead animal in this bag.

    Maybe not imported, but Lynn can be Kates sister? It is just 3 weeks ago before kate gets into the dark room.

    So I think Mr. Jefferson have his "special" photo work longer than we think. He started this in the month of june and every week he take photos from one girl!
    Megan was in the middle of july and the youngest girls we know in september and october!

    My last words are: Rachel is alive! Megan is the dead person on the junkyard! Jefferson started this in many weeks ago!

    Sorry for so many text. Enjoy my theroy

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    Suzie could be a reference to Suzie Salmon from "The Lovely Bones"

    At least I'd like to think that's why they chose it as one of the names on the files
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    First, I really don't think it could be an animal in the bag. Whoever is in that bag was obviously buried there, and while I know that a lot of people bury their dead animals, I don't know anyone who uses a bag for that.

    It is definitely a person - and I'm still convinced that it is Rachel. Well. I'm only 95% sure of this. I think that even if it's not Rachel, it has to be someone relevant, important. So that when we learn it's not Rachel but someone else, we're still in shock and we still think "Oh no".

    The thing is, the scene where we find Rachel (well, the bag) is very, very emotional. It was made to be. It was made to shock the player.
    So if the game ends up saying "yea no actually no this isn't Rachel, sorry, this is somebody else, everything's good, nevermind" it will just make the scene entirely pointless. In general, a good story doesn't have an emotional scene only to say "oh nope don't worry, this wasn't real".

    No, really, I think Rachel is dead. Even if she is not the one is that bag, the chances of her being alive are almost non-existent.

    It is possible that we could go back in time to save her - but I honestly think it wouldn't be right. I mean. The game is dark. The game makes a point to say that even if Max has time powers, she is not God. All throughout the game, things just don't go the way they should, we just keep failing. Best example is the alternate universe - we want to make things right by saving William, but things just end up worse.

    Max has no control of the situation even if she has powers. So I really don't think that we can save Rachel. It would just go against anything the game has tried to say from the beginning. :/

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    In an interview it was confirmed that Rachel was indeed in the ground.

    from the article:

    You might have heard many fan theories about Rachel Amber’s death by now. Some fans had a hard time believing it was actually Rachael Amber’s body in the ground because they didn’t see her face. Sorry guys, Rachel Amber is dead.

    “It’s her. There’s no doubt about it. We’ve seen some people on the Internet we don’t see [Rachel Amber] so maybe it’s not,” Barbet said. “It’s her but for different reasons. Regarding the age rating, showing a dead body would affect it.”

    Baghadoust added, “The fact Chloe is recognizing her is enough. It’s just the way we wanted to show the scene with the music and cameras…We took a lot of time on this. It could have been not so great if [we showed her.]”

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