Thread: Good job on type-0

Good job on type-0

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    Good job on type-0

    Well type-0 is without a doubt the best spinoff since Tactics, that means great OST, gameplay and story.
    This is a most arresting take on the mythos of fabula nova crystalis because it takes what we knew and turns it upside down. The darker story reminded me of Drakengard at times, minus the occasional melodrama.

    Square if you need to channel Final Fantasy into a new gamre, look out for TYPE-0

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    It is not a spin-off. FF13 is supposed to be 3 separate games, FF13, FF Agito 13 (Type-0) and FF Versus 13 (FF15). All 3 games listed are all part of the main FF13 storyline, all 3 titles are main games, not spin-off titles. the only spin-off titles we got to that series is FF13-2 and Lightning Returns. Therefore, Type-0 is a main FF game title.

    I agree that is also the best of the games I have seen so far due to the Canon Ending and the twisted storyline, that was pretty darn dark! the opening is probably the darkest and most gut wrenching thing you will ever see in a FF game, and by far better than FF12's opening which was similar in tone w/ the war aspect. However, I did not shed any tears during FF12's opening, though I did in Type-0's.
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