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    So here are some ideas i had:
    -Nosgoth needs a ctb tutorial (i've had matches where mates were just playing tdm and ignored the objective)
    -If the senti picks up a human next to water, he should be able to fly with them over the water, but be unable to drop them (otherwise humans can just stand on the edge of the dock and make grabs super hard)
    -Animated event banners (i think, that past and future event banners should be animated, since almost all other banners are)
    -The next vampire class (if it is a rahabim) should use a spear/lance and have more range, but move forward less when attacking
    -if the game has found a match in progress ii should be placed in the lobby, NOT in the game and an OPTION to either enter or leave (i'm sick of getting thrown into matches that are a guaranteed loss) or make the match safe to leave after the first leave even if someone replaces him (because someone quitting and me getting his spot on the losing team makes me unable to quit)
    -if disconnected, there should be 1 minute in which noone except the person who left was able to join, so if they crashed, they can get back into the game
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