Thread: Kingdom Hearts Spin off Idea.

Kingdom Hearts Spin off Idea.

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    Lightbulb Kingdom Hearts Spin off Idea.

    Alright guys this is my first post on any forum so i'm hoping this Goes well.

    I've always been a fan of square Enix and especially Kingdom hearts, What i'm thinking is that I know Square Enix has tooken part in quite a few animes/mangas. For example Akame Ga kill (there newest one) Pandora hearts, Darker then black, Blast of tempest, Soul eater and much more.... So as you probably understand by now is that My idea is that They could do a spin off game were They do all the anime's instead of Disney characters. They have allot of possibility's for that game that all of the different story's could offer. Along with getting to interact with the characters and fighting main enemys like the kishin along side death the kid.... Or assisting Edward from FMA with beating Homunculus... And possibly getting a chain as a key-blade from Pandora hearts...

    I Don't know if the idea is any good but i think it would be really awesome if they could incorporate there anime's into the game some how. Anyways Thanks for reading this and tell me what you think in the comments ^_^

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    Never going to happen due to Kingdom Hearts being strictly a Disney x Final Fantasy crossover, though imagine Sora and the gang hanging out with Tomoko and her very few friends from Watamote.

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    Maybe this might spark your interest
    Can't Wait for KHIII!!!!!, can you?
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    xerxes - I love the idea blending many things into the kingdom hearts universe

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