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Match making and possible AI

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    Smile Match making and possible AI

    I actually believe, from my experience currently, that Nosgoth would benefit greatly from AI teammates to help fill the teams and get the matches going quicker. Could even slightly reduce the XP given from an AI assisted match, or just do a 4 man team against hard AI...
    If possible then, when a player joins the match they are swapped out for the AI member. The only problem I can see rising from this (at first glance in terms of gameplay) is the difficulty of the AI combatants. They would have to scale to match a team with more human players.
    Granted, the numbers of people playing will increase hopefully as time goes by and we get closer to release but I think it may be a decent idea for the Dev's to consider.

    I'm interested to see what everyone thinks about this?

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    It would take an awful lot of work to do this, time better spent else where. I would like bots but its something for after open beta(if they ever even do such a thing)
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    AI teammate would help players by feeding their enemies. I'm against assistance like this. NPCs should stay in tutorial, so new player could test attacks on them. There never was good AI in games, maybe in future it will be possible to create something which deserves to be named AI. The things you see in games should be called anti-Intelligence, and they would be worse than newbies, noobs, trolls, and even AFKers in Nosgoth.

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    Assuming similar skill levels, the human players would be at the mercy of the AI's ‘tactics'. Having to attack as a vampire team would me they'd all have to follow the AI given it likely won't have a logic that tells it to wait for the others.

    Human AI couldn't make value judgements like ' stop attacking my target to save my teammate being eaten by Reaver' and the like. What percentage would it go to a healing station? Would it drag corpses to fellow vampires? Stuff like this.

    Closest there possibly might be for a solution is some sort of stat boost when teams are uneven. Though that brings all kinds of its own problem. Some players would prefer uneven teams in favor of stat boosts. Or 'lock-down' powers would be even more potent when less humans are involved and you get chain pounced/kidnapped till you die.

    I think something involving match rewards for 'staying' in an uneven match are also a good approach. Don't punish bad behavior, reward good behavior.

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    Players would be punished by AI, if it was made like in Dark Souls games.

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