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Thread: User Level: Create a New Point System

User Level: Create a New Point System

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    The only small issue I have with achievements and awards based on post count/logins is that it would be super easy to abuse. I try not to be super snobby about other members' behaviours, but the amount spammy posts on the site, double sometimes triple consecutive posts in a thread by a member (within the day), and the slew of off-topic posting in threads that have nothing to do with the topic at hand is inumerable. I think it would be really unfair for people to be rewarded for crummy forum etiquette.

    Of course I think there's only a few devoted mods/admins for the site, and mostly it's just Gravity alone reminding people about rules, but that hasn't really stopped anything. And from what I can tell, it won't stop any time soon, so restricting that would be moot. But back to my point, I don't think regular forum activity should be rewarded, or if it was, it should be a very miniscule amount to avoid abuse. Maybe every 20 logins equals a single point-something not worth the hassle to abuse, but can still add up naturally to be lucrative for the year end reward.

    Otherwise, I like most of the other suggestions. I know people (myself included) would like to have points rewarded from buying digital titles, so if there's a way to bring that into reality, that would be great.

    Maybe have more site-run contests or something on a bi-weekly/monthly basis...I know people don't want to bother entering unless they know there's a tangible prize to be won, but participation points are hard to pass up, I think ;D

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    Take a look at this post :

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    Originally Posted by jlacey

    Take a look at this post :

    Yeah I would add that in. That seems fair enough.

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