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Weird game

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    Weird game

    Dream Drop Distance is an ok game the dream eater story and the whole riku and sora somplace elese even though they are in the same world. here final review Weird

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    Obviously you didn't get what the game was for, which I feel is a bit of a shame, but it really all makes sense if you finish the game.

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    The developers did a pretty great job carrying over some of the story elements/gameplay mechanics from KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep/KINGDOM HEARTS re:coded while adding some new features as well. The 3D effects were well rendered. It was nice to see the storyline have dark tones like the ones from KH BbS and it did have an interesting twist.

    Buying the Mark of Mastery Edition was definitely a moment to remember. I've never been so excited about a game in such a long time and the contents within the box.