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Thread: Tornado Justice Theory

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    Lightbulb Tornado Justice Theory

    Here's a crazy theory that just popped into my head.
    What if the tornado is just a tangible form of the mix of emotions of all of Jefferson's victims?? And Max's vision is their way of telling Max to help avenge them?? Friday is the deadline because by then he'll have flown out to San Francisco with Victoria and gotten away or something...

    The game starts out with the storm premonition...but what happened before all of that? Let's see...
    Max coming back to town...
    Max is very much an outsider when you consider everything that's been going on in the town...she can help them because she isn't tangled up in any of the drugs or other bull...maybe that's why the victims chose her?
    And her ability to rewind time may just be a gift from the victims?

    Somehow Jefferson might be aware of this and got the Prescott's into building him a bunker to survive the storm. Obviously the Prescott's have been supporting Jefferson through Nathan. And the Prescott's have a lot of victims too...
    The victims probably just want to turn Arcadia Bay into "*** glass" as Chloe would say, unless justice is brought to both Jefferson AND the Prescott's...

    In a world that puts emphasis on spirit animals, I'm betting this theory is least in an AU. lol

    I wish Rachel was here...

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    This actually makes a lot of sence! I hope we are going to save the town and Chloe. (And free the souls of his victims)

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    To me it always seemed more like the Tornado being the Prescott's plan and they are using to bunker to protect anyone loyal to them while destroying anyone who is a threat. Then using Pan Estates as the new Prescott (Arcadia) Bay
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    Interesting theory, which is not too far gone from the theory that the town itself has created the tornado, with all the spiritual stuff going on and all.

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