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Thread: Lara Croft GO Technical Problem

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    Lara Croft GO Technical Problem

    I am unable to play the game due to a graphical error, it seems the game is not displaying the textures/whatever of some key elements, such as Lara herself. Instead, she's just an empty silhouette. Has anyone encountered this issue? Does anyone have a solution? Or even know what's wrong? I am including a screenshot to show what I mean.

    The menu has the same sort of graphical problems.

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    Same problem on Nokia 2520 Windows rt. What s your device ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnpsyke View Post
    Same problem on Nokia 2520 Windows rt. What s your device ?
    I have a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

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    Maybe a compatibility problem with snapdragon cpu or adreno gpu

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    This game isn't playable on a Surface 2. the complete screen goed black or grey. Even when the setting is on low. Looks like a problem with the unity engine.

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    Hey there guidorobben,

    Do you have a screenshot of this? We'd like to investigate the issue.


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    Quick update guidorobbe,

    Surface 2 runs on Windows RT which is causing some unexpected problems. We're working on fixing those at the moment. We'll keep you posted.

    Thanks !

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