I'm having trouble playing this game with a 360 controller.

I played it last night for a few hours with no problems.

But now today it keeps freezing. Like, it'll work for 5-10 minutes then it just dies on me. I restart, and it does the same.

I've tried switching 360 controllers, it made no difference. I've used every outlet on my computer I can put the 360 controller into (4 different ones), no luck. I've tried restarting my computer, no luck.

Whenever the controller dies it makes this weird noise- that kind of sound you hear when you unplug something.

However, when it dies on me the controller will still be lit up normally. The controller plays fine on a regular 360.

So it's not an issue of the controller itself, the outlet or needing to just reset everything.

Does anyone have any idea what on earth is causing this problem for me and what I can do to fix it?

I've also tried unplugging everything but the controller but it has no effect.