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Thread: Final Fantasy X: Your Favorite Character

Final Fantasy X: Your Favorite Character

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    Rikku made me smile the most. Auron was the most badass.

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    +1 to Kimahri

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    Auron is the best

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    Wakka special attack.

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    Support Auron in the GameFAQS Character Battle IX

    Before I begin, if this is the wrong place to post this I sincerely apologize.
    Every few years Gamefaqs host a character battle featuring several key characters from various franchises. In this year's version Auron is losing to L-Block, an inanimate object which while being an iconic tetris block I believe that an object without conscious thought cannot compare to Auron AS A CHARACTER. I need your help to overturn the current deficit (around 100 votes) and swing the pendulum back in Auron's favor so that he can progress to the next round.
    Follow this link to vote:
    There is no need to register an account to vote. Voting closes at midnight eastern time. Please encourage as many people as you can to vote for Auron, and indeed any other final fantasy characters in the competition (Yuna is featuring in the next battle).
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    SIR AURON THE SIR AURON!!!! before audio drama i dont know hmm SIN

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