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    Personal Feedback

    I would like to start off by saying, I got this game on a whim. A friend of mine showed me a gameplay video and it looked interesting enough to give it a shot. Since then not only have I been hooked so have a few of my other friends. I would also like to say that no, I have never played a Legacy of Kain video game, and yes I have looked into it and know it is nothing like Nosgoth. I still have plans on playing them when I get my hands on them because of this game.

    Now, on to the feedback. One of my earliest games a level 36 joined and was on my team. I have played enough video games to know leveling systems in any game doesn't directly coincide with skill. However, the other team was not aware of this and the second they had enough points to lead a victory, as vampires mind you, they hid until the level 36 left. I wouldn't know how you could go implementing a fail-safe to this or whatever the case would be. What I do know is it completely and utterly ruins the sport of such a good game.

    I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about the party system and servers and I would like to take this time, for anyone who may be reading, that this game is still in beta and I'm sure most of you have spent little to no money on this game. So please keep in mind both of those factors when making a complaint formally or informally. That being said, I believe you guys are doing a great job so far on handling these issues. I haven't actually been a fan of any game coming out of Square Enix up until the last couple years. I'm not afraid to say but then again I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy. These are just my opinions on video games and I know most will disagree. I have not had much fun in a multiplayer shooter type games and I love how you force people to play as a team, which I feel most games under-utilize.

    Balancing the classes and making sure everyone is on equal footing whether you are a human or vampire is obviously important. Now don't get me wrong, one of my favorite classes to play is the scout. My friends and I always comment on how ridiculous the stormbow is. That being said I feel like some nerfing is in order for both sides. I can give a more detailed view on that if need be. I would also like to end this on a strong note. I absolutely LOVE this game. I have never cheated in a multiplayer game, I never could. When playing with others it is important to me that if I am bad at something I need to get better. We need to strongly hit this cheating thing head on. I am sure it has been brought up many times without even reading every thread on this forum but the more attention it gets my hope is the faster it will be resolved.

    I strongly urge the developers or whoever's department is in charge of eradicating cheating and hacking. I come across it way to much on this game. Yes, I understand there is a lot of hackusation out there. But I record almost every game I play and on yes I report everyone I feel I have gathered sufficient evidence on cheating I report to steam. That will only go so far unless the program itself is defended against. Thank you for your time.
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    nice post, welcome to the game
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    The hack looks like a dud to say the least..

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