Thread: best alchemist secondary ability?

best alchemist secondary ability?

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    best alchemist secondary ability?

    They are all so good. No other class do I have such a dilemma in choosing. Flamethrower, aoe poison, heal, or firewall?

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    I use the flamethrower all the time. It's great to push back aggressive vampires and often kill them while they're running for their lives, while you're dead and even when they try to feed on you. I play a very aggressive Alchemist though. My first ability is the light bomb and I use the Fullbore canon.

    Aside the flamethrower, I'll use the healing AoE. It really change the games when you can heal your whole team without running for healing stations everytime. It can save butts in engaged fights and it counters the choking haze of the Reaver.

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    does healing provide bonus exp like assists and damage does?

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    Yes. 30XP per 500 HP healed.
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    Heal is the best, but if your team doesn't utilize it, switch to acid cloud. Sometimes acid cloud is better anyway (multiple deceivers). Firewall is actually quite good too and often overlooked... I'd suggest using that indoors and against multiple tyrants. I don't recommend flamethrower unless the enemy isn't using stuns/interrupts.

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    I really like the design of all the secondary abilities, but here are my two cents on the topic:

    [Flamethrower] - Can be easily interrupted by Vampires, rendering it's effectiveness. Considering that 3/4 Vampire classes have some sort of an interrupt, it sometimes gets hard to pull off. Besides, I don't really appreciate channelling abilities in this game (yet). I prefer having my ability working for me, while I do damage/reposition/retreat. That being said, I think developers have stated that they'll be looking into re-designing [Flamethrower] to make it more effective (don't quote me on this though).

    [Healing Mist] - an awesome ability. I personally love supporting my team, but my biggest problem that I have encountered is when you use it in the middle of the battle and it gets under utilized because your team mates run all over the place to survive. However, with the team playing well around the ability it has the potential to bring massive benefits.

    [Poison Cloud] / [Fire Wall] - my regular choice. I find myself enjoying [Fire Wall] more at the moment, but that's only due to play style preferences.

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    I tryed to use Healing mist,but got very unusual problem - my team didn't want to stay in it O_O I think they reacted like "Hey,what is this strange thing under me ?! I should run from it!" I even wrote in teamchat what this is my healing skill,but not all players want to listen me. Developers should make some friendly sign above mist for human players,because some of them just stupid and don't want to listen =(

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    Originally Posted by Firehex
    I tryed to use Healing mist,but got very unusual problem - my team didn't want to stay in it O_O I think they reacted like "Hey,what is this strange thing under me ?! I should run from it!" I even wrote in teamchat what this is my healing skill,but not all players want to listen me. Developers should make some friendly sign above mist for human players,because some of them just stupid and don't want to listen =(

    I would really want some visual help for it. Best way would be some "+" Symbols that ascend from the mist and fade out. Same blue color. Considering the mark of scout it wouldn't brakc much of the immersion anyway
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    The only problem of healing mist is that it shuts down your hearing so you cant hear if a reaver is charging up to ravage your ass.

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    I would say flamewall is the best secondary ability.

    Although a lot of people love the healing mist then it is just like painting a target marker for vampire abilities, it does not heal that much, and when the fighting is over, it should not be used for healing up, because people should be running towards the nearest shrine anyway.

    Flamethrower is also semi weak compared to flamewall, seeing as you cannot use your regular weapon meanwhile. It does do better damage than flamewall, but when you consider flamewall + regular cannon shots (which already has the highest dps in the game) you get the super highest dps in game! If vampires get hit by the firewall, and assuming you can hit with your cannon (hardest part with the alchemist anyway), you can make quick work of any vampires trying to kill you. Especially if you can force them to stay inside the fire wall when hitting you although it takes some practice.

    Poison cloud is not bad either, although I have always seen it quite subpar to flame wall, seeing as you are going to be using them in the same situation – When the vampires are right on top of you – and there the flamewall simply provides better damage output.

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    Poison cloud shines when up against pesky deceivers and overly aggresive pouncy leapy clawy cat people.

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    Firewall or Healing Mist. Healing mist is strong utility against hit and run tactics. You can keep your team healed up so they are ready for the next attack wave.

    If you want damage, Firewall should be the first choice. Why? Because it has 200 guaranteed damage when it hits (4 x 50 damage over time). Poison Cloud would technically deal more damage if a vampire would stay in it, but decent players will avoid all AOEs skillfully so when they only get hit by Poison Cloud once, they take roughly 37 damage from one tick. But from Firewall they would take 27 damage + 200. The only advantage Poison Cloud has over Firewall is the ability to throw it anywhere. But in most situations you throw it at your feed anyway, so what gives?

    As for Flamethrower, you shouldn't even consider it. It's a movable firewall in theory, but the way it's executed - sluggish and inaccurate - makes it a direct downgrade.

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    I still prefer heal and if there is alch in my team i hope he will use it, if not - well,better he pick some other class= )

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    For general use, firewall. Poison can be useful sometimes, and heal is great if your team is prepared to make use of it.

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    Alchemist secondary abilities are good mostly because they are pretty well balanced each having it's own drawbacks and advantages. Some Alchemists like to use healing mists but they are only really at their bests between fights. In many battles it acts almost like a beacon letting vampires know where to aim for injured members and where the enemy is located. This is why some players often move away from it unless it's safe to heal up.

    Like a player said previously it's good to deplot a secondary and have it work for you while you get back to blowing up vampires which makes Firewall and Poison Cloud attractive options, unfortunately I feel Firewall is a little too easy for reavers to leap through without taking damage and isn't a strong team utility option.

    Flame thrower I try to use often but the ease with which it can be interrupted means that it's only best deployed when Vampire attention is focused elsewhere.

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    It totally depends on the setup of your team/enemy team/playstyle. Each skill has its advantage:

    Healing Mist - healing....
    Flame wall/flamethrower - defend yourself/your team.
    Poison cloud - create a death-area for enemies, attacking your teammates.

    I personally use poison cloud the most. Once I see the enemies are attacking and focusing a target/area, I throw the poison cloud at that place. If the enemy decides to stay in it and keep fighting, they will take a TON of damage. If they instead start focusing me, that is good too, as alchemist is strongest, when the enemy is actually facing him directly, due to the flight path of the grenades. You can also use the poison cloud if you realize, that you are about to die and being focused by multiple enemies. Through it beneath yourself.
    It can be thrown pretty far and helped me to kill lots of enemies trying to feed on my fallen teammates, after I revived and ran back for my team.

    As this game is very nicely balanced, there is no "best skill/weapon". Every skill has a situation where it is strongest and a situation, where a different skill would be stronger.

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    I like to run Healing mist - really handy in the siege mood especially I feel, or Flamewall if healing isn't helping, if being chased drop the wall by your feet and run through, the vampire behind catches fire and hopefully is low enough HP to die to the flames or a blast from your cannon but maybe I should try out the poison cloud more after your description.

    I have seen many great players with the flamethrower but I find it difficult to use due to the slow ignition and the fact it can be stopped.

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    I'm going to stand up for the flamethrower here. It's just so good in a 1v1 DPS race, (heck, I've won 2v1 DPS races with it,) especially as shooting a close vampire with my main weapon will be hurting me too. (May be worth noting that these 1v1s are often be a little while into the engagement, which may be why I'm not getting interrupted like others here if the vamps have used lots of abilities early in the engagement.)

    I know people are saying fire wall's better than flamethrower but it just doesn't do it for me, the damage seems too low, a lot of vampires just roll through it and swipe at me anyway. Sometimes I can kill them, but it doesn't seem to be the deterrent that it should be.

    Healing mist can be wonderful but I'm still learning when to throw it in an engagement, I've caused teamwipes by forcing teammates into a small area for the vampires to spam abilities at before. But that's me being bad.

    Haven't unlocked poison cloud yet.

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    Flame Wall and Healing Mist are the most competitive options, and indeed they're the only ones I've seen get any competitive tournament play. Poison Fog is alright I guess, even though it got an odd nerf. Flamethrower is simply bad.
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