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Why not PC?

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    Smile Why not PC?

    Speaking as a fan who grew up on Kingdom Hearts, how come its not on PC, dont see it on steam? Never met anyone who hated kingdom hearts, most people who played it seemed to like it alot, only people I met who didnt like it, never played it so didnt know what it was. Was the game really so unpopular it wasnt worth putting on other platforms like PC so we could play it forever? Always thought this game sold well and people liked it so hope it goes to PC so other people can like it too. Can confirm that the old versions of Kingdom hearts do work on PC but require heavy hitting hardware to run all that awesomesauce, so its there on PC kinda. Bet people would buy Kingdom Hearts if it was on PC, people def still like disney judging from Sega getting Mickeys Castle of Illusion on steam.

    Been very excited watching as Square puts the old TR games and old FF games on steam, fingers crossed maybe Kingdom hearts can get some love?

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    Well, it would be awesome if the series appeared on Steam (especially for me since I never played any of them) but sadly their own development team makes really lazy work when it comes to porting stuff to PC. Just look at the Final Fantasy series (XIII, XIII-2, Type-0 HD). It would be very easy money for them because people on Steam are always ready for some new FF or Kingdom Hearts but they actually dont care about the quality of their ports or they threat us like we dont know how a game should work in a PC environment... They should add more PC testers to their team and then someday maybe we can get a proper port of these games.

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    Speaking for myself, I never did liked playing video games on a PC, I feel they take up too much space with everything else I have on my PC. I prefer video games and computers to be separate. As in video games ON video game consoles. I now have a PS2, a PS3 and a PS4, so as long as the Kingdom Hearts games comes out on a PlayStation console, I'm happy. But there were times when I was VERY unhappy and those times were when Kingdom Hearts games kept coming out on handheld devices and not on PS3...

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    To SquareEnix : you are missing out on a very nice profit by not porting the Kingdom Hearts series to PC. With the Steambox coming out i would have imagined you would be interested in releasing content for it seeing as you are mainly a console company. however i feel it is negligent of you to have not been loyal to your fans/customers by making the series available on pc. its getting hard to find spare parts or working Playstation 2's.

    I would happily pay full release price for each Kingdom Hearts game released on PC. PC is also a far larger market than console, therefore there is more money to be made. you already have some final fantasy games on steam, why stop there?