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Progress Lost

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    Unhappy Progress Lost

    Hi everyone

    As I was playing the game stupidly enough I decided to link it with facebook and guess what happened; PROGRESS LOST!!
    I started from chapter 1 all over again. I installed the update of the game, logged out of the f*** facebook, changed my phone date
    4 days back, but still nothing. Do you know if there is anything that can be done or do I just have to start from scratch?

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    Sorry to hear that you've lost your data but don't panic as the Devs will compensate you if you tell them about it via the in-game 'Feedback' button, here's a couple of posts made by our forums Moderator explaining it ok (copied & pasted them from another thread on this forum).....

    Originally Posted by NicolasVerge
    Hey guys,

    When we rolled out patch 1.3.0 we realized people we're losing progress so we decided to act quick and pull the game from the AppStore to stop this from happening to more people. We worked on a quick fix yesterday and now everything should be allright.

    People how did lose their progress but were using Facebook could get their cloud save back and get back to where they were. For the others, we'll be giving away rifles and money to help them get back to where they were.

    Again, we're terribly sorry that this happened.
    Originally Posted by NicolasVerge
    Android's update is working fine Airborne6176.

    To the others, use the feedback button in-game to send us an email detailing your progress loss. We will compensate that lost time with in-game items.

    So if you do as he says, you'll be sorted out as soon as possible ok mate !?

    !! Hope this Helps !!
    !! Don't Think..........Just Do !!