Thread: Hey can i get some help

Hey can i get some help

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    Hey can i get some help

    Its been a long time since ive played LOK how is it that vampires are made can any vampire turn a human or only the LT and kain

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    Lt and Kain, Kain takes a portion of his soul and draws the to be created's soul back to its body (Kain did this to Lt who then did it to they're whole clan) this is only for Kain's "necro" style vamps Voradors' vamps were created more traditionally
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    thank you sanguise.
    Now that Raz is dead can new sentinels be born ? (>O vv \)>

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    if an elder figures it out, Daniel Cabuco, said the Lt might have had 2nds whom also helped create but this is not for sure
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    I was thinking about this matter for some time, and so the answers of Sanguise are helping me out with some doubts I had. This is just my guess, but I think this could be this way:

    At first I thought as well that only Lt and Kain could create new vampires, and I was pretty sure that was the reason why the Razielim clan eventually was gone: The war against humans + not being able to create new recruits to compensate the losses would be a great factor for that... but then, I got a doubt that made me give to it more thoughts: What about the Dumahim clan?

    For those who played Soul Reaver, you already know what happened with Dumah and his clan: Full of arrogance, he didn't pay attention to a group of humans, considering them too inferior, and so they were took by surprise, Dumah himself being impaled on his own throne. Yet Dumahims are still in that time the most common clan you see along Nosgoth, and even tons of fledglings. My first thought was: Maybe the attack was so "recent" (by vampire standards) that those youngsters didn't have time to overcome their weakness to the sun?

    But now I think I have a theory... Or two, in fact, looking at this threat: If is true that Lt would have 2nds whom also helped him, then I think this is how it goes: In the case of Dumahims, probably some of those 2nds survived, not enough to give to them their past strength and making them again a big clan like ago, but enough to, even being scattered along Nosgoth, keep the clan alive. In the case of the Razielim, the targets were the elders, who died after saving the youngers who were pupating at that moment. Even we see in the lore that Eskandor, the current general of the Sentinels, was looking forward to get the benefits of the Clan's elders... What if one of those benefits is learning how to create new vampires? But then happened what happened, and so Eskandor never got to learn that, condemning the Razielims to the extinction in matter of centuries.

    I said before that I had two theories... The second one is almost the same, but in the case of Dumahims, maybe those 2nds died as well, and so in the time of Soul Reaver, we're just seeing them like the Razielims were before, but even worse: The fall of a once might clan, now reduced to individuals who only search for food, for survive and, probably, for the recovering of their old pride and greatness.

    Or maybe those 2nds actually don't exist.

    Whatever is the case, I think the result is the same: There can't be new born Razielims after Raziel was thrown to the abyss. To me is the only way to justify that there aren't survivors for the time Raziel comes back from the abyss as a wraith. Of course, as I said, this is only my guesses and theories I made up with the information I have and what I manage to remember... So if I'm mistaken or something, please feel free to correct me.

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    As stated, it is not explict, but to my mind, there's little doubt that other, senior vampires can sire children.

    Between fledgling Turelim roaming a land in which Turel may or may not have been absent for hundreds of years, fledgling Dumahim also running around centuries after Dumah's death, and Raziel's references to "kin of our high blood" and "descendants" as if there is a sort of family tree in action, it just seems more sensible to me than the alternative.
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