Maybe some people already know this, but the released latin lyrics are incomplete.

The inofficial additions from some fans are wrong, like this:
http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/T...is_%28Theme%29 (most words might be correct)

Are there any plans to release the full text? Is there any chance for fans like me to get the full text?!
Or maybe just tell us which words/phrases are correct.

In my opinion, these are the lyrics for Tempus finis:

Progredimini, Oh Progredimini, [female: Bellatores rubri, Oh finis adest].
Fine fortasse nihil est (_o_i__i_e????).
Fine fortasse nihil est vobis lucrari.
Fine fortasse nihil est tamen
Bellatores rubri superate corpora
sine nominibus innumerabilia.

Finis Adest

Let's see if i get a satisfying answer.