Thread: What characters did you use for Multiplayer Mode?

What characters did you use for Multiplayer Mode?

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    Topic title's pretty self-explanitory: just talk about your favorite characters for playing the non-story portion of the game!

    I personally tended to use Demyx, Luxord and Xaldin a little more, but also Axel and the powered-up Roxas.

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    So I've been going through the very last mission, Believe, (in the WTNW) in mission mode alone with each of the characters with what is one of the best overall panel figurations I can have at the moment, and I've been trying to rank them based on that.

    These aren't really my favorites, but they are the one's that I've found work the best WITHOUT just spamming their limit attacks (because then every one of them would be fine).

    In no particular order: Mickey, Lexaeus, Saix, Sora (I was surprized because when I'd tried him before I thought he sort of sucked on here), Luxord (probably lowest on this list but enough to make it), Marluxia, Roxas (I think as whatever mode you refer to as powered-up but he's probably one of the lowest on this list, even lower than Luxord), and Xion (actually better than Roxas).

    My favorites personally are Saix, Mickey, and Axel with Riku, Lexaeus, and Marluxia close behind.

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    Um... Xion is the exact same as Roxas, except she doesn't dual wield with 3 zero gear ability panels. I just checked in the Bradygames guide (it's my exgirlfriend's, I usually never get game guides but this is useful for challenge sigil tips) and her stats and abilities for every gear as well as all basic level stats are the same. So if you think she's better, you probably just got lucky with more crits that time :P. My personal favorites are Luxord, Mickey, Riku, and Marluxia. However, if you get Zero Gear, 4 sight units, lots of thundaga and aeroga, and the critical sun ring every character functions well

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    I know she's the same. I was using the 3 ability panels. Her with whatever powered-up normal keyblade she has then is better than Roxas dual wielding. Without the dual wielding, she hits a great critical finishing every 3rd swing (every 2nd from midair) and she gets to that finishing (combo) attack faster than Roxas dual wielding, so even if his finish is as strong as hers she is more useful. It is kind of like how Mickey, Saix, and Marluxia (to a smaller degree) finish their combos quickly and with high critical hits. I've never really liked aeroga, but sight units are awesome. That's what I have in the other spot in Zero Gear.

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    Powered up as in Dual Weilding. I don't really tend to think about mechanics and numbers when I play Mission Mode, since I'm mostly in for solo play, but it's visually appealing. *shrug*

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    In my opinion i would choose either Roxas, Riku or Xion personally i would go for Roxas or Riku,

    i only choose Xion because she is my favorite character

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    I often choose Larxene.

    If not, Marluxia...

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    I don't have anyone to play with and got bored soloing content...

    If I had to choose, it would be Zexion... because he has fabulous hair!!!

    jk, he's a mage and looks cool but I also like Marluxia, Axel, and Saix.

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    I would choose Luxord, Demyx, Marluxia, or Roxas with dual keyblades

    Marluxia is still my favorite :3

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    Depends on the mission:

    Luxord- Deserter Missions

    Marluxia-Saix - Bosses

    Demyx- Making missions a little challanging :P

    Others- Using them out of pure boredom

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    I used either Roxas, Xion, Axel, or Riku. I thought it was pretty cool how you could play as any of the Organization characters and Riku too ^^

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    I started playing Xemnas and Lexaeus a little bit for missions. Going over my original choices, it's really hard to pick a favorite Organization member because they all handle so differently. I think the only one that I need to get a lot more used to is Xigbar because he's completely long range and has ammunition to manage.

    Also, Zexion. It's funny trying to whack Heartless over the head with a book.

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    I would use either Xion, Zexion or Donald Duck.

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    It depends on the missions but I usually pick Roxas, Axel, and Larxene.

    I'm going to buy another 358/2 Days my little bro can play and do missions together. Also, it's cheeper now so why not.

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    I mainly used Riku, because he's my favorite character, and has really good abilities. Though i did enjoy using Zexion, Xemnas, and Larexene

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    I like to use larxene, zexion, and xemnas.

    Though, all of them are great in battle. All except for Donald. Even with magic stronger than zexion, he doesn't seem useful in battle to me.

    But I like his character motion when he glides :P

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    I used Riku, because he's my favorite character in the series.

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    Heck yes roxas and sora are my favoriets but i love organization 13 coats and key blades! so call me original But My Favoriet Is ROXAS Especially when you do the dual keyblade hooded mode!

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    i used roxas or xion

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    I used Dual wield Roxas, Saix,and Xemnas