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New champ man

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    New champ man

    I've just downloaded it last night its quite good considering I hate online football manager games, but I'm disappointed in a way as I thought the new champ man was continuing from 15 , I still like the new champ man tho.
    There was a FAQ but that disappeared.

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    Hey Craig - Nothing escapes you I see

    I'm just in the process of getting everything set up to go live at the same time for the launch later today but also just wanted to let you know that if the online aspect of Champ Man: All-Stars isn't your cup of tea, you'll be happy to hear that we are also developing Champ Man 16, which will be an offline follow up to Champ Man 15, right now. We don't have a release date yet, but I'll try to keep you as updated as possible. Champ Man 16 will also have a bunch of features people requested so it is something to look forward to as well. That being said, hope you enjoy All-Stars for the time being and will be interested to hear your thoughts on it!
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    Nothing does , I had thoughts this would a seperate game but considering I don't like online football manager games im enjoying it so I think I'll continue with allststars cuz its actually good . I'll write more up once I've played it more.