Thread: Eidos Montreal will 'Never Touch Religion' in their games? 0o

Eidos Montreal will 'Never Touch Religion' in their games? 0o

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    Eidos Montreal will 'Never Touch Religion' in their games? 0o

    Just read an article where Jean-Francois Dugas states that Eidos Montreal will never criticise, analyse or comment on religion in their games, because they don't want to 'offend' anyone.

    First of all, that's a complete load; what he means is they don't want to have their heads cut off by religious fanatics. At least be honest about your motivations.

    Secondly, I just think that this is particularly sad. For a developer that prides itself on tackling 'controversial subject matter', and 'taboo' topics, to come out and give a free pass for religion and say "Don't worry; we won't go there - you guys are safe." is pretty pitiful.

    It's also incredibly insulting to atheists, basically saying you're quite happy to analyse, criticise and comment on any atheist ideologies and beliefs, but not religious ones. Once again, theists get their special treatment it seems.
    Seems incredibly hypocritical to say you don't want to 'offend anyone', meanwhile you're making games criticising and commenting on things like Transhumanism. I take it it's never occurred to anyone at Eidos Montreal that some people might feel about Transhumanism exactly how religious people feel about their religion. But hey, they're not religious, so their feelings don't count, right?

    I also think it's kind of hypocritical that they're willing to use religious imagery, style and tone in some of their games throughout, as well as in the marketing, but they won't tackle it as a subject matter on principle. Deus Ex uses religious sounding music, religious themes, architecture and imagery all over the place, the pre-launch trailer even depicted Adam Jensen turning into an angel............but religion is 'off the table', apparently. 0o
    If you're going to say you're not going to touch religion, then you shouldn't touch it in any capacity imo.

    So yeah, very disappointed in hearing of Eidos Montreal's cowardice on this subject. I love Deus Ex and thought HR was superb for its themes and social commentary, philosophies and whatnot, and I always held Eidos Montreal in high regard for that - which is why it's disappointing to hear they are just another entity willing to give the subject of religion a free pass, like it's special.

    Another possibility is that Jean Francois Dugas, or some of the other bigwigs at Eidos Montreal, are themselves religious, and thus don't want their own beliefs criticised or analysed, even though they're quite happy to do the same to everyone else's. If so then this would make them fantastically hypocritical, so I'd like to think it really is just a case of not wanting to be decapitated by religious zealots. :/

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    I think you have misunderstood. JFD said DX:MD never touches on religion from the front - meaning its there but the narrative takes an agnostic view that will ebb and flow around the player's choices.

    As the game deals with apartheid-esque social segregation, their intention is to focus on the topic of transhumanism and how it effects us - regardless of our religious beliefs (if any).
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