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Bridge between gamers and developers

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    Bridge between gamers and developers

    I recently learned that Square is starting to take a more open approach to game development rather then these secret, tightly closed projects they have been doing.

    This begs the question.
    Why is it that you folks don't have any kind of system in place for gamers to connect with developers to suggest ideas, changes, dos and don'ts etc. I have seen far more great ideas come from gamers then professional developers.

    It's not like you need the developers spending half their careers sifting through message board posts to filter out the junk from good ideas. All you really need is one person who speaks both English and Japanese running a small message board section built around the exchange of ideas who then takes the useful ones to developers when necessary or who; during a meeting or the like, recalls useful information obtained off the board about something they're discussing. It's a great way to have ALLOT of brain power working for you at little cost and brain power that is legitimately energetic about seeing your project successful. The more ideas you have to work with, the better your products are going to be in the end.

    Plus, the communication values can also go two ways. If you have someone running a message board section like that who works with the development team, he/she can also help sort out misunderstandings and educate contributors on how to make the best use of their time and suggestions. For example, "This is why that idea can't work." "Copyright issues prevent us from doing that" "Hay, we're looking for ideas on variation of this game feature" etc.

    Well, given the way the game industry is going, I am confident Square will do that or something like it sooner or later. It'll eventually become an issue of survival. But the sooner you do it, the better for everyone.
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