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Thread: Murdered Souls Suspect, Patchs ?

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    Question Murdered Souls Suspect, Patchs ?

    Hello all, I would know if there are an chance to have a patch for the bugs and jerks in Murdered Souls Suspect (on 360) ?
    I know than the development studio has been closed but Square-enix really abandon this game?

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    The same thing here, I installed the game on my XBOX 360 today, to find out that it suffers from major framerate issues. And sadly it affects negatively the gameplay.

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    Yes I forgotten to say than I installed the game from disc too, but no improvement.

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    it has just froze my xbox, even the controller did not respond until I turned off the console manually! maybe I should put this game on the shelves until someone fixes it.

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    My xbox never freeze like that, I have been lucky, I ended the game but framerate is really really horrible and cut all the fun...

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