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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat System, Turned Based Please.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat System, Turned Based Please.

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    Originally Posted by kaneten
    If ANYTHING were to reinvigorate it on a AAA game scale, surely it would have been this? Instead, they're throwing up their arms and giving us a battle system that looks very similar to Final Fantasy XV, meaning ARPG fans get two new additions while fans of the classic systems are left behind.
    It's time to leave Final Fantasy in the rearview mirror. Every one of us should walk away, and give our money to companies like Atlus. Anyone who complains about this, but buys these games anyway, is just contributing to the problem.

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    J'aime beaucoup Square-Enix mais décidément Square-Enix n'apprendra jamais....
    La 3D serait trop compliqué a mettre en oeuvre pour permettre la réalisation du jeu avec le même contenue? les épisodes seraient obligatoire et l'impossibilité de se déplacer librement serait supprimé? Il aurait juste fallu retravailler et remodeler la 2D ou 3D isométrique avec des textures en très haute résolution (texture 4K non compressé = environnement presque photoréaliste), et laisser mais créer les combats en tour par tour en 3D plus dynamique qui explosent la rétine.. donc désolé mais 3 ou 4 bluray auraient largement suffit.

    Le Remake risque d'être très très mal reçu et donc pas marcher... la réaction extraordinaire sur internet suite * l'annonce du remake n'est pas un hasard! et Square-Enix ne se pose justement pas les bonnes questions. Les joueurs sont les acheteurs...

    Donc le gameplay n'aura plus aucune stratégie... et en plus le jeu restera moins accessible pour certains qui n'ont jamais été jeux action. Je me vois mal combattre une "ARME" (= super Boss) juste en cliquant comme un malade sur les boutons... pas cohérent. C* devient décevant, pourquoi tous le monde est monté au paradis suite * l'annonce de ce remake? = car nous avions tous gardé * l'esprit le gameplay et l'adrénaline! (indépendamment de la qualité graphique ou scénaristique). En effet, * chaque fois fallait prévoir des coup * l'avance! Et parfois on transpirait * savoir ce que l'ennemie allait nous balancer.

    Avec ce ramake orienté "action" il n'y a plus aucun effet de surprise dans les combats... = plus du tout d'adrénaline ou pas de peur = donc plus aucune sensation de vivre l'action... Messieurs les développeurs/Editeurs vous devriez écouter les joueurs et les fans... . Ce n'est pas comme ç* que FF7 trouvera de nouveaux clients. Le tour par tour en 2016-17 peut être excellent, * condition de le moderniser pour le rendre plus dynamique ou nerveux, surtout en plus avec de superbe graphisme. Les joueurs veulent un RPG pas un jeu d'action...

    Nos critiques et nos réactions montrent que nous aimons énormément FF7 et que justement ce n'est pas un hasard, cela est du en grande partie * son gameplay, nous voulons tous que ce remake soit une vrai réussite.
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    Can only put our hopes to Dragon Ques t 11 and that they keep it turn based. But knowing SE the last 10 years, theyll prob screw that up aswell.

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    Another crap action game with the name of Final Fantasy...

    Square Enix will never learn, i'm done with FF, not buying this reboot of FFVII, not a chance.

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    I havent enjoyed a FF game since X. Im saddened to see what was once my favorite battle system that spanned over so many genre setting titles that its being turned yet again... into a hack and slash..... didnt like 12 didnt like 13 and now.... im not gonna be into XV.... One of the best RPGs of last generation was Lost Odyssey... Thanks for showing some game play.... I will not waste my money on this like I did the first XIII.... Thanks for the memories.... I will keep the FF i grew up with... rush home from school to play... counted the hours when i could get to my SNES PS and PS2.... Now on the good side.... I love what has been done to Tomb Raider...

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    Square Enix, Please keep Final Fantasy VII COMBAT SYSTEM TURNED BASE! I didn't buy Dragon Quest 11 because it was Action RPG and that hurt lot of us, it doesn't have same feel as previous Dragon Warrior/Quest. If the remake isn't Turned Base, We would felt Betray and Despair.

    With Tears rolling down my Cheek, For the love of all things that are Holy and Decent in this world Please.. I beg you.. Please Leave the Combat System ALONE Which is Turned Base.

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    Personally I am happy with the direction Square is taking with the battle system, they are aiming to achieve a perfect blend of traditional ATB style and modern RPG combat elements. Gives it that Kingdom Hearts feel from what I gather from the latest gameplay trailer.

    However My only concern now is that since this title is being split in to multiple full size games, character progression elements such as stats, items e.t.c. Will our progress from the end of the first part be carried over to the next part of the series or will the game start from scratch at the Forgotten City of the Ancients with all our party members at level 7 again?

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    When I saw the very first trailer for the remake, just like the rest of the people there I was cheering. Do you know why? The same reason all the people that were there were cheering - it was the exact and I mean EXACT same opening sequence to Final Fantasy VII as the original game, only with HD Graphics. Not one thing was different except the graphics were much better represented on today's High Def screens. We all wanted that, the same game that just looked better. If they had changed anything else people would have just been like "yeah that's kinda cool", but there would not have been any cheering going on at all. We all were hoping for the same game we fell in love with.

    Now I see people are debating on all of these changes to "modernize" this or that. Well I don't want to "modernize" anything except the graphics so everything isn't all pixelated from a 320x200 screen size. I loved the materia links on the armor and weapons and all the crazy materia combos you could make, that was part of the charm of the game. I also loved the turn based system that you could set to active or wait and slow down or speed up the time. I did not like Crisis Core's battle system either, why copy that crappy PSP game? If you like that then buy that game, it will probably be better than this new POS FF7 disaster.

    Well Square Enix could have changed things in their trailer but they knew people would have just gave it a passing glance. By releasing that trailer the way they did they knew the buzz it would create. Then they go and ruin it all by changing the battle system, and now I hear they are not going to release it as a whole game but as episodes. that's right, you will have to buy it a piece at a time so they can milk you for all the money they can get. They are going to add things and change things. It's not going to be the same game at all. It is going to be known as the biggest mistake any developer has ever made. Don't copy some OTHER game and call it FF7, that is just stupid. If you do it will just be an...


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    Is it just me or does it seem like ever since they became Square Enix they have really been screwing up their games? I mean the Squaresoft games seemed better to me and now it's like they are sabotaging everything on purpose.

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    I will not touch this game since now hack and slash. I was so excited about the remake till found out they changing the story. Changing to hack and slash vice role playing. Getting rid of most side games and quests. Do they not see hack and slash games is what is killing final fantasy? There bravely line games have sold double what any last 4 normal final fantasy sold because they where RPG not hack and slash. People expect role playing when they hear final fantasy not this crap. There lot you could do new with role playing turn based game why need to go hack slash I will never understand.

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