Thread: Opinion of game and overall notes

Opinion of game and overall notes

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    Opinion of game and overall notes

    First off i would like to say I love this game and the amount of Dev responses and updates are amazing. I constantly find my self coming back to this game if i have time to spare. I have over 150 hours in this game, and i wish i had more time to play more. Nosgoth has a very high replay ability value even though most people only play TDM mode and siege goes untouched.

    The number of people that actually play this game though are somewhat limited, I constantly find the same people playing at certain times of day, and with only a 8 man lobby it seems a bit 2 often. So my first opinion is to open the game up to FTP asap. I understand Dev cycles take time and you want the most polished game you can make before giving this out to the masses. How ever come September/October all the AAA games will be releasing and i really don't want this game to be buried under and forgotten. Especially since it's been heard off and looked at by a lot of people over streams and the recent free weekend. Don't let them forget this game just yet!

    The 2nd opinion of mine is the weapon/ability 5 level rewards. They only last a week and you can't get them ever again. Seems a bit odd to me and the actually stats on these "modified" guns/abilities arn't really worth changing it up. 1% move speed for -5% spread? Not sure if their are super rare ones with better stats but i constantly see more of a negative part of the gun/ability then a positive one. I don't really have a solution for this but i thought i would bring it up.

    I know your implementing a crafting system later on. Will this involve getting random resources at the end of matches or playing certain modes for parts?

    Sentinel flying - I am used to it now but i hear from people i get to start playing this game they don't like the option to look around while flying and it tends to ruin momentum when trying to find humans below when your in the sky. Your already the biggest target in the word to snipe when you go high up at least think about allowing the play to hold alt/ctrl and get a free camera look up and down. I think a lot more people would enjoy playing sentinel more if this was implemented.

    Siege mode - Honestly, never played it cause i can never find people to play it. Sat in a 'que for 30 min once just to see if i could find one. Revamp it or get rid of it. I know it's hard to throw away something you worked hard on but sometimes focus on the modes your doing right is better then keeping something that is wrong.

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    It's true most Magic Items last 7 days (some are 30 days though), but unlike everything else in the game these are 7 days of actual in-game use with the weapon. Which means 168 hours (720 hours on some) with that weapon equipped in actual games. I'm not sure if anyone has ran a Magic Item out yet, but the good news is that you can right-click the item in your inventory at any time and re-charge the duration with GOLD. As far as the usefulness goes, there are some good combinations, but this whole system should be updated when the crafting comes out (whenever that is).

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    My magic items haven't even dropped below the 7 yet, but it's actual play time and it's just the stats that are temporary, the weapon itself is permanent and apparently the stats are rechargable with runes or gold too (mostly just confirming what Ztark's saying really :P).

    Also, the stats can be quite useful, but at the moment it's really luck of the draw. My Alchemist has a fullbore cannon with +10% stun resist but +5% reload speed (which reads as a positive to me but it's a negative) that I use because it's a free fullbore cannon and I guess the stun resist comes in useful sometimes. My Scout has access to every bow but I've bought none of them, two S0wiftbows even, with one having -10% ability cooldowns and -5% sprint speed which I use quite often. The other Swiftbow, however, has +2% move speed and -10% stun resist which isn't even worth looking at. My Stormbow has -8% weapon spread (which I swear has a huge impact on long range charged shots) and -5% max health (mostly irrelevant to me), and my War Bow has +5% sprint speed and -10% stun resist which seem worth it but I mostly just use it as a free war bow against certain comps. My Hunter has a nice selection too including a fancy blue repeater. However, as a Prophet I've gotten nothing worth looking at (just using normal heavy pistols) and my Sentinel has about 6 different versions of Kidnap with varying terrible stats when all I use is the Abduct I bought.

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