Thread: Will the takedowns be improved?

Will the takedowns be improved?

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    Will the takedowns be improved?

    I've seen in the gameplay so far that the cover system had been refined, but I didn't see anything about the takedowns. The reason I'm wondering is because in Deus Ex: HR, the takedowns were completely random. The various takedowns would have a difference on where the NPC lands in relation to where they were, which affected stealth. For example, if you used the takedown and you just punched them in the face, they would go farther forward as opposed to using the chokehold which would land them slightly backwards. This could make the difference of the NPC's body being detected or not.

    Also, the takedowns seemed a lil OP in Deus Ex: HR since they would give the most XP out of the other methods (takedown: 50xp, double: 62.5xp per NPC and the rest: <30) You could also takedown every NPC in the same way, with the exception of bosses and robots. It would be cool if you had to push a button combination for more difficult opponents to take them down.

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    From the look of it the takedowns are exactly the same as in HR. They might have added some new animations, but I wouldn't expect them to work any differently.
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    We don't have any info, really. New animations for sure (we've seen 1 new animation, specifically). But hopefully the logic which selects which animation to use is more discriminating than before, but there's no way to tell so far (It'd be a good change, though).

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    The way to improve them would be to remove them, so nope.
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