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    One thing that instantly drew me to this game after the initial rush of the fast paced combat was the large variety of items to customize your classes with. Another cool thing about the armory system is that the items also have rarities. However, whenever I find a rare I always find myself initially going "YES" and then immediately saying, "aww man" and switching back to the default item. I can't say exactly why finding a rare item in this game is so anticlimactic but here is some of my speculation:

    1. The scale of the stats in this game deal with such small numbers that a 2% increase feels almost entirely insignificant.

    (example: I found a rare stormbow the other day that gave it +5% clip size and +10% ammo capacity. with this bow's clipsize being initially 5, a 5% increase amounts to a whopping 0.25 extra arrows per clip and the ammo capacity is increased by 3 shots...meh)

    2. The debuffs that follow your bonuses as a balancer (in my experience) are usually much more significant than the bonus or atleast enough to make it not worth playing with.

    (example: with that stormbow's extra 0.25 arrows per clip I get an 8% extra recoil debuff which is enough to throw your shots.)

    3. I get that the debuffs are there to make the rares not a vertical upgrade to their default and attempt to change your playstyle a bit. However, whether it be the bonus you get or the following debuff, NONE OF THE STAT CHANGES ARE SIGNIFICANT ENOUGH FOR IT TO MATTER.

    Being an Immortal pack purchaser, I received quite a few rare chests with shiny new items. Needless to say, they are all currently rotting away at the bottom of my inventory as they are either a hinderance to my play or just dont even matter. I end up just sticking with the default and that's a shame for such an appealing addition to the game.

    Anybody else feel the rares are just not worth using? If so, why is that for you? Or maybe you have a rare that will put all of mine to shame! Either way, please let me know what you guys think.

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    To be perfectly honest, I HATE the whole idea behind pay to win, and having paid for those chests, I honestly think there should be NO bonus besides unlocking items you don't already have. Don't worry, I paid for them too.

    I'm not saying I disagree. If you're going to get bonuses, they shouldn't feel insignificant. But they DEFINITELY shouldn't feel significant if you've paid for them. Makes sense?

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    Certain bonuses can definitely help give that little boost that you need in an engagement. Personally my alchemist has a magic grenade launcher with -10% cooldowns and -5% sprint speed.

    I then have the option of using a perk that best reflects those stats. I.e. if I use quick wits I can gain another -15% to cooldowns, which if I am running healing mist can equate to a significant amount more HPS (healing per second) between engagements. Or I can equip fleet footed and gain a slight advantage on my cooldowns while retaining enough movespeed to match pace with vampires.

    That's just one item for one class. If you study your items you might be surprised at what you can get out of them.

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    I understand your frustration with not getting decent Uncommon / Rare items. I have plenty myself, while I hear my friends get an awesome piece of equipment here and there. But don't despair. For what I know the benefits aren't that game breaking and your basic weapons do the job just fine.

    The developers have promised the Crafting System and an ability to re-roll the stats on your weapons in the future. So hold on to those, and I'm sure sometime before the game is released everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits and tailor some items to specific play styles.

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    Originally Posted by KillaYoshi
    I found a rare stormbow the other day that gave it +5% clip size and +10% ammo capacity. with this bow's clipsize being initially 5, a 5% increase amounts to a whopping 0.25 extra arrows per clip and the ammo capacity is increased by 3 shots...meh)
    Unless they've changed it, bonuses round up. That o.25 arrow should be 1 extra arrow per clip, meaning it's actually a 20% increase rather than a 5% one.

    Originally Posted by KillaYoshi
    with that stormbow's extra 0.25 arrows per clip I get an 8% extra recoil debuff which is enough to throw your shots.
    Recoil is rather manageable in this game, so in my opinion that's a really good weapon.

    That said, I'm not a fan of the current system especially when you can stack the buffs on top of Perks. I don't see it so much as building my loadout for my playstyle, rather I see it as min/maxing stats to get the best out of my uncommon/rare items.

    I'd much prefer a system where we get items/abilities with unique skins, visual effects or sound effects; but without any buffs at all. Something like a Reaver's Leap with a golden trail instead of the standard black; or a Prophets Pistol with unique engravings and maybe ivory trimming.

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    I'm really not behind these special abilities and weapons either. In my opinion, Rare finds in a game like Nosgoth should be skin based, rather than slapped on flat statistical changes.

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    I could do without the whole stat upgraded items altogether, honestly.

    I just wanna play a competitive game in a competitive environment.

    Not really interested in "farmin for rares" or "leveling my crafting" or engaging in any other shoehorned skinner box activities that distort the playing field before we even start the match.


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    I'd rather the rarities/weapon crafting be for cosmetics/skins for weapons. We already have faction balance+matchmaking turning team balance on its face. We don't need special buffs on weapons (there will always be one where the trade offs don't mean much) added to that mix.

    I say this while playing with a rare set of heavy pistols that has -10% cool down and -5% reload though :/

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    To be clear, I also hate the concept of pay to win and I don't think chests should offer a direct upgrade, just something a little more substantial. I guess it's just very underwhelming in such an epic game to be calculating and stacking stats to try to gain the best advantage, especially as minor as they are. I think even possibly a large bonus with a large debuff might be more interesting even if it makes the item less appealing.

    I love some of the suggestions on here such as rares that change the items visually. I like the idea of playing with a purpose (such as to find rares) but i don't care much at all for stat changes as much as I'd just like something that's COOL. Whether that be something that changes the way I play or even the way my items look. A reaver leap with a golden trail now that's COOL, I'd love to see that. I hope the developers consider doing something with this rare system because as of right now it doesn't seem to be appealing to anybody in any way.

    One thing i considered was that maybe a rare bow do something such as add an explosive effect while making it fire slower or something just to drastically change the way i play with it (yes, I know this exists) but in this game those kind of changes come as entirely different items. Which shows that any significant stat change is already being done in another way.

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