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Balancing Act

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    Balancing Act

    Ok, I really enjoy playing this game, and I think that I will continue to. While new classes and other ideas are great, I think there needs to be improvements to balance between the two sides and with the classes themselves. Here are some of my thoughts.

    Reaver does 180 melee but Deceiver does 205. This makes no sense. Deceiver should do less than Reaver.
    Activated abilities where you throw an object should work even if your killed when your at it. I've pulled the pin, it should fire.
    Most abilities should be difficult to interrupt. Once a Reaver is mid pounce, he can't be stopped. An alchemist should only stop firing a flame thrower if she dies. Etc.
    One on one, no dodging or anything, just pure dps, any vampire should have more in melee than any human does for their weapon. At present, however, there are classes that don't fit this. A Hunter one on one with a Reaver does more dps than the Reaver does, and will win at close range. There are certainly other examples.
    To make humans more capable, Their weapons should hit harder across the board. They should also be easier to hit with.

    What do you guys think?

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    Reavers swing faster than Deceivers, have much more potential damage from their skills and have strong escape mechanics while the Deceiver is much more of an all-in squishy vampire. When you factor in the faster swinging speed then the DPS becomes pretty close.

    I like the second idea, I'm not sure if it will be a good idea for gameplay but it always bothered me when I died mid-throw (most often when using the Alchemist's Light Bomb)

    A Reaver mid-pounce can be stopped, if you do 250 damage it will make them flinch and just fly helplessly down to land near you, same as breaking the pounce's pin. It feels great when, as a full bore cannon alchemist, you fire off a grenade at a pouncing reaver. First time I did this I fired off a grenade because I had time to before a back roll and got a good view of the Reaver failing his pounce.

    You're right that vampires should have stronger DPS, especially because it's easier for humans to focus fire a target. I think they do have higher DPS if you factor in clip size and need to reload during combat, though I could be wrong. Just remember that you can link dodge rolls into melee attacks without missing a beat so you can mess with their DPS by moving about a lot between hits, which is usually how vampires have to win 1v1 fights at high end gameplay actually. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

    I don't think human weapons need to hit harder, but we do need something to make humans easier to pick up so vampires don't pubstomp new players and then changes can be made to stop vampires being stomped in high end gameplay.

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    I'm a little bit confused about the damage overall. I've been in both human and vampire teams where, when the vampires were spotted early, had no chance of having good engagements.

    I think the general consensus is, if you've been initiated on and you're alone, you're dead (as a human). If a deceiver deceives you, if you get pounced or if you get swooped, pray you can land all your abilities because fate is against you. However, if any of that happens near your team, and your team isn't being CC'd, then you're fine. You'll lose half your HP at most.

    I still think this need rigorous testing and that would only be possible on a dedicated server.

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    A good accurate human can almost kill a vampire in a close up 1v1 unless the vampire landed some kind of ambush beforehand, but vampires have the ability to dodge roll in between melee attacks without losing time on their damage to try and lower the accuracy of the humans and therefore their DPS. Against a good group of humans a great deal of work is required up close but it's still slightly in the vampire's favour.

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    1. Comparison of Reaver / Deceiver damage - it's adequate. Reaver has high attack speed and movement speed. Deceiver needs to commit to the attack, and you can get punished for picking your engagements wrong, while Reaver can escape with either [Evasion] or [Shadowstep]. So no, Reaver should never hit harder in my opinion.

    2. Stopping Reavers mid-pounce - I think the mechanic is fair, besides it promotes team work on Human side. Now think about the consequences of your suggestion:

    - Making a [Pounce] non-interruptible by damage will make an ability a simple suicide. The ONLY full Pounce that you can get off is when Humans aren't peeling for their team mate. Now imagine if they are and you are locked onto the target (free kill?). Furthermore, since dying will be the risk of using [Pounce] I can already see many Reavers doing nothing but sitting on the roofs waiting for the perfect opportunity - and that promotes bad play style.

    Think about this:

    - Alternative: increasing damage threshold to make Pounce harder to break off - but then again you will see more Reavers die while the pounce is active. Experienced Reaver players will be left with a skilled decision of breaking off Pounce early, but that defeats the purpose and makes the mechanic equal to stopping Reaver mid-pounce anyway, so nothing is accomplished.

    3. Stopping abilities with throw mechanics - I agree. Even if you die while doing it, like you said, the pin was pulled. I wouldn't mind seeing the projectile fall next to my body if I die while trying to throw it - that's at least something.

    -I think the developers have said that they'll look into [Flamethrower] effectiveness.
    -I would agree that Hunter's DPS is quite strong in 1 on 1 combat.

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