To all Users,

The Nosgoth section of these forums has now been in existence for nearly two years. In that time, we've seen many new faces and, at the core of this community that has been built, most all who post here do so within the Terms of Use that are clearly outlined at the top of each forum section. It is expected that users will make an effort to remain civil and to treat other users, including the staff who moderate here, the developers, and Square Enix employees with respect. Disagreements with, or frustrations with the game and its developer should always be expressed with that caveat understood. Disagreement with staff actions in their moderating tasks should be handled privately via pm. Again, most abide by the Terms of Use and with respect toward one another daily.

However, recently, for whatever reason, there appears to be a growing group of users whose intent falls short of this agreement, and who seem to view any attempts to moderate their actions as reason to actually show further disrespect. We have users who insist on posting content that is clearly against the Terms of Use, be it attempts to circumvent the forum filter to post inappropriate language, insults waged against other members, the staff, and the developers, or any number of other things. When the users in question have had this content removed from their posts and warnings given to not post in said manner again via pm, some have taken it upon themselves to either edit back in the content in their posts, or to add in even worse material. Further, some seem just fine with publicly questioning the actions of moderators, or even lobbing insults their way in posts, or dedicated threads they create. This will not be tolerated. Rule #16 of the ToU is one we take very seriously, for this very reason. Disrespect toward the administrators and moderators certainly will not be allowed and cannot be if this board is to continue, or we risk this place devolving into anarchy, which will be good for no one. This is a forum, not a free-for-all, not YouTube, Twitter, or any other Internet site where all manner of vulgarity goes. Everyone here is old enough to know better.

This post here serves as the only warning on this subject going forward and is applicable to every subsection within these Nosgoth forums. Any user further ignoring a public warning in a thread given by a moderator is going to be immediately infracted. Any user editing back in content which has been deemed inappropriate by a moderator will be immediately infracted, or banned (depending on the severity of said content). Any user disrespecting the staff in public, or questioning their actions, will also, depending on the severity, be immediately infracted, or banned.

Again, this is the only warning we will give. This thread is stickied in each section, so there will be no excuse for any who have not taken the time to read it.

I trust that all will take a moment to reread the Terms of Use in full once more and to abide by simple notions of respect toward others, which each individual inherently understands, going forward.