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Awful site design

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    I rarely (very) post on forums but I can't stop myself this time.
    I am trying to re-activate my sub. Going through my account and all the options in the site is a real nightmare: things that mean the same, related options spread among different sections, buttons that look like ads, crazy layout, no feedback... it's a damn mess. The dev's 5 year old daughter design.

    You guys seriously need to revisit this, it's really bad. I wonder how many people gave up on this maze before signing up. I am considering it. Your loss.

    After so long being this way I have to believe that it is a choice. Fire whoever chose this and get someone with a brain some XP in the field.

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    Welcome, tennek.

    Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. Some tweakiing here and there wouldn't go amiss, I agree, but the site isn't so bad really.
    You can change the skin if that helps?
    The drop-down menu button is located lower left of page - just select your favourite.
    I'm using the Deus Ex MD skin as my eyes prefer the black and gold colours.
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    yup. totally agree, this things makes people flee from the eorzia world before even login in. im still trying to recover my ID but page says my Email dont posses any square enix account

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