Thread: Will Square Enix music ever become available in other territories ( e.g. Australia)?

Will Square Enix music ever become available in other territories ( e.g. Australia)?

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    Will Square Enix music ever become available in other territories ( e.g. Australia)?

    I come here to ask after many hours of searching ways to get around this, but there seems to be no two ways about it.

    I have recently found myself falling in love with the music from Final Fantasy, and would love to purchase tunes with my money, especially through iTunes.

    The American iTunes store has Square Enix content, including Final Fantasy games.
    So does the UK iTunes store.

    Australia, however, does not.

    Is there some other store I have missed that allows me to obtain digital musical FF goodness?

    Or is there somewhere official I can beg and plead to allow me to throw money at them?

    Kind regards.

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    The best way is to purchase physical Cd's from EBAY. Most of them are used but in great like new condition.

    Consider yourself lucky. As of Feb 2014, Australia, is considered to be allowed to have shipments come from Square Store European online store. Maybe you were heard? The exchange rate for the euro is set pretty high, but that is the price you pay for good music.

    On the European store, you can still get new:

    Final Fantasy Ix ost
    Final Fantasy X albums (HD remaster, ost, ost x-2)
    Various Final Fantasy XI albums (not the premium box)
    Final FANTASY XII (The 4 CD album--Includes Piano cd)
    Xiii (ost) (my hands not on Cd--jappanese song Eternal Love is on the cd ost)
    Lightning Returns OST

    check it out!

    (Make sure you select Music from the merchandise page to purchase CDS. The X HD remaster soundtrack is a bluray. Your blurry player must say ALL on the back, or you must have the specific region code--not sure which it is.

    Not sure if VII and VIII ost are available.

    The limited versions of VIII (in a nice hardbound cover) and xiii (limited cd in white box with jappanese audio drama cd) is not available on the EUROPEAN square enix online store. Ebay sometimes has used copies from various people trying to sell their stuff .

    The album that has no results for even ebay is III: Eternal Legend of The Wind, which is just a so - so album.

    I live in the United states. Most of my albums are in used condition that I bought from eBay or Amazon. I have not used Square Enix NA yet.

    I have;

    Viii (ost limited japan)--Eyes on Me in English (yay)
    IX (OST) --melodies of life in Jappanese)
    Xii (Selections from --tofu records--kiss me Goodbye is in English with music video sung partly in both languages)
    XIII (limited japanese with audio drama I cannot understand)
    *used version of XIII-2 disc only from Collectors ps3 version)

    Play arts Figurines:
    Hope Estheim. I am going to buy Zidane if I can find a good price. Vivi from ix is too darn expensive, usually priced at $150-$255! No, I am not referring to the mini versions in the online store)

    I've owned a used version of the VII game for like 8 years, but it has not been until the last 3 years where I have turned into a fan and bought 1 and ii (ps1), ii snes, iii snes,viii, ix, x, x Hd, x-2, xii limited, xiii, xiii-2 , disisidia, crisis core, and Lightning Returns. The same can be said for purchasing the albums. I am a late fan. When you are a late fan of a series, merchandise can be expensive.

    I wish you luck on your final fantasy journey. May Hope Estheim , Tidus, and Vaan not annoy you. I LOVE them, especially Hope(VO by Vincent Martella, the voice of Phineas Flynn. )

    If you are wondering how I bought everything last minute, the answer would be: Gamestop and GAME Girus of Seattle, where I purchased a used ps2 for $45. My ps3 is the only one I paid full price $269 for a 250 gig from Fred Meyer (yes, the grocery chain). Isn't odd that maybe 10 years ago if someone talked about gigs, people would think them as nerdy or think they know a little bit about computers? I overheard some dudes talking on the bus about 500 gig hard drives. It turned out they were talking about their ps3's.

    The ps4 is too expensive now. By the time, it gets down to $250, Final Fantasy XV will be available. That's a partial joke, since XV (versus xiii) has been on hiatus (vacation) alot ever since 2006.
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