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Thread: Russian subtitles in Life is Strange

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    Exclamation Russian subtitles in Life is Strange

    Hello, I ask you to add Russian subtitles in game Life is Strange because not all people know English and it is difficult to play Life is Strange. If you decide to add the Russian language I offer you the team translators "Tolma4 Team" they are ready to start the translation at any time. And by the way they make Russian subtitles for the PC version, but on the PS4 and XBOX ONE can not install custom languages and so we ask to add the Russian language in the game! Thank you to all the Russian-speaking players Life is Strange.
    P.S. If you want to contact the team "Tolma4 Team" send me an e-mail

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    Hello, if you do not mind, I will raise this question.

    I finish Life is Strange twice on PC with Russian subtitles, that was made at a very high level by team mentioned above. In addition, the non-professional voice acting has appeared in Russian for the first three episodes already. I've watch all director's commentary, just in love with this game.

    The point is... I want to buy this game on the PS4, but obviously and unfortunately subtitles in playstation can't installed separately.

    Square Enix, Dontnod I beg you, I will love you forever if you could add Russian subtitles for this unique game, what would people like me appearing opportunity to introduce Life is Strange as many of their friends. This is one of a kind game, that shows that videogames is a modern art, these type of works are now few and not everyone can enjoy it in authentic form. Please!

    Thank you for your attention, if you have read it.

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    Hello, thanks for great game.

    I, like other players, passed it on a PC with subtitles from "Tolma4 Team" ( I want to show this game and friends but the problem is localization on such platforms as PS4 and XBOX. Could you add Russian subtitles? Why are you ignoring the Russian market? Is it because of sanctions? Relations between different countries are not a reason to ignore a large audience. In the community of translators, dedicated to the game, there are more than 45,000 people (
    This game is loved and played in it. I think if they contacted the team, the issue of localization could be solved. According to the team, none of the publishers contacted them about the translation of Life is Strange into Russian. We can very much like this game. If you do not mind, could you answer is it possible? Can we influence this?

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