Thread: Kingdom Hearts definitive version (For Xbox One and ps4)

Kingdom Hearts definitive version (For Xbox One and ps4)

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    Kingdom Hearts definitive version (For Xbox One and ps4)

    The kingdom hearts definitive version for next gen consoles unlike a certain game it has a demand from fans. The Kingdom hearts saga definitive version should be a combination of 1. 5 and 2.5 remix plus the game Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance. All in glorious 1080p (on both consoles we demand parity) this collection has every game in the kingdom hearts franchise and will definitely keep everyone up to date before kingdom hearts 3 comes out. There should be a kingdom hearts definitive collector’s edition which should come with a glorious artbook plus a kh plushie ,and kh accessories for your avatar for a great price of just 100.00 dollars compared to the 60.00 dollars regular version. Also I’m sure Microsoft wouldn’t mind making a limited edition Xbox one for the kingdom hearts collection for it to be bundled with. They did a limited edition for final fantasy. A limited edition console would be great and be a day one buy for me and many others. Square trust me when I say the kingdom hearts definitive version would outsell any other definitive version be it tomb raider or sleeping dogs and will help the Xbox fans that have been begging you to be able to experience the entire saga finally get their wish. Linked below is an Xbox feedback page showing you how many kh fans are demanding this for Xbox one. I hope that you get a team whether an outside party or yourselves and work on a kingdom hearts saga definitive version on next gen consoles. Give me a reason to own nextgen because right know I don’t have one.

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