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Thread: Tomb Raider Multi-Patch for GOG and Steam

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    Tomb Raider Multi-Patch for GOG and Steam

    Hi all I created a patch that includes all the best patches for TR1 GOG and Steam versions.

    It includes these patches:
    - Unfinished Business
    - PSX audio tracks (by Peter Connelly) -OR-
    - Remastered audio tracks (by Tomekkobialka)
    - Final Secret Fix (by Suikaze Raider)
    - nGlide v1.04 (for high resolution)
    - tomb.exe for audio tracks (from gidierre's advanced installer)

    More information on the patch and the download link can be found on my page below. Feedback is appreciated. If something doesn't work I'll see what I can do to fix it!

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    I don't have either version, but I surely appreciate the ammount of work you've clearly put into this - thanks for sharing!

    I own the CD version and managed to play it a few years ago on my W7x64 machine just using Glidos. All of the classic TR games are a bit touchy on newer systems so I'll leave them be for now.

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