Thread: Online only Final Fantasy Games is not right and not fair to us

Online only Final Fantasy Games is not right and not fair to us

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    Question Online only Final Fantasy Games is not right and not fair to us

    I am really upset & Severely Mad with Square Enix with making Final Fantasy XI and XIV, online only games. I can't even play these 2 games do to I have internet but not unlimited to play these 2 Final Fantasy games and I am not able to pay to play them also online which makes it unfair to me and others that are Major Final Fantasy fans and we have to break the cycle of the series just because they come out with 2 of them with online only and us offline players can't play them. I think it should of been where people could of played it offline by they're selves or online if they wanted to join others and friends. I don't like a game to force me to play online only. As for me I never play any games online and like to play by myself in RPG - Role Playing Games to sit back and enjoy it without all the fuss of being online.

    I want Square Enix to stop putting Final Fantasy games online only and give us a choice if we want to play them online at all.

    If Square Enix keeps doing this, they are going to lose me and many others as buyers of they're products.
    I mean it tooo.

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    I don't see anything wrong with online only MMORPG's set in the Final Fantasy universe. I think there is a lot of great content and lore to draw upon for the kind of multiplayer experience that can only be achieved by making the game an online only MMO. The one and only problem I have with the two games they did this with is that they burned a number for each of them. Had they named them Final Fantasy Online I and Final Fantasy Online II, I wouldn't have a single complaint. I say "burned a number" because we all know that any MMO will eventually grow too old and outdated to be profitable any longer (even WoW eventually) and will close shop and shut down the servers. FFXI and FFXIV are no different, so those are numbers that are lost at some point. All the other numbers in the series get to enjoy a sort of "pseudo-immortality" in the sense that, as long as you still have a decent copy and functioning hardware to run it, you can go back to revisit those titles until the day you die. You can even run all the good Final Fantasy games (anything before FFX, sorry but everything from FFX on has been crap) rather easily in an emulator on your computer, so they will always exist out there at least in software form if all physical copies were to be somehow destroyed.

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    I agree that the whole allure of final fantasy games was the turn based system, where a heal or a hit could be your undoing. I have played VII VIII IX X X-2 XIII and XIII-2 they were all very and taxing games, but the online stuff looks like a disaster zone, especially on console. I had a 14 day trial of XIV and decided to give it a fair shot, I thought maybe is would be worth the subscription fee. To my mind it was not worth it. I was reminded of TESO or WoW more than anything that was in the FF series previously. Needless to say I was disappointed but if people can get some enjoyment from that sort of sport, then I won't try to stop them,

    The best games in the series, (PS) were Cloud Strife and Squall Lionheart by 1000 miles, and then of course the King of Kings, Tidus and Yuna blow us away again in FF X. True masterworks and the people who helped bring these creations about deserve much more than they were given.

    So yes mmo's create a large amount of revenue, and I guess the future is in mmo's for the foreseeable future, but as a fan of the series, I am much more interested the stories and histories of each world, rather than trying to convince someone to let me join their guild because I need skilled players on my side to accomplish anything worthwhile. I played WoW for a long long time and it was enjoyable, but now more than anything I want the good ole days of me and my team kickin ass and taking names without the drama on online *iness and so forth.

    I would be grateful if FF XV was offline, and had a great story, interesting and in depth characters with hidden characters, bonuses, power-ups, chocobo races and everything we came to love about the FF Series to begin with. Slapping together an mmo and calling it FF is like a fat man in a red suit in December, yeah we get it... but we know its fake.

    Final thought of the day is, since FF VII is getting a face lift, and remastered, can we expect the entire series to be remastered from episode 1 to 9, because I know I would buy and play all of them all over again in HD Glory. Sure casting and commentary is expensive, but Michelangelo didn't bother about expense when he did the Sistine Chapel, because just like SE he knew he would get paid regardless of cost.

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