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Can't Join a Match

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    Can't Join a Match

    Hi. After downloading the update for 7/16/2015 I have been unable to join any game. After waiting for a match it leaves the queue and when I click to search for another game it gives me this message, "There was a problem connecting to the party system servers. Please ensure that your Steam account is linked to your Square Enix membership account and try again." I followed the suggested solution in the forums and unlinked the Square Enix account on this website Then in game it had me give my email to link the accounts. I still had the same problem after that. I then went back to that website and linked my account and restarted Nosgoth but still had the same issue. And lastly I restarted both Steam and Nosgoth but still the message comes up when I try to join a match. If anyone has any information on this or suggestions please let me know .

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    Never mind. The next day it was working.

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