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Thread: About artworks and progress :)

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    About artworks and progress :)

    Hey guys,

    Let's talk about art and let's post all pictures here if you like!

    I started learning digital drawing 2 years ago just like a hobby, I'm still an amateur artist, but I have some progress and I want to share it with you Tell me anything what you think (criticism, feedbacks - everything is better than silence )

    As some people know, I started working on own video game 2 years ago (just like a hobby), so when I draw I always trying to create something that can be useful in the game.

    The 1st thing I started working on are towns - and I still love to work on it!

    When I was young I was very inspired by games such as Legend of Mana and FF9, so I decided to stick to fairytale-a-bit-crazy style

    I enjoy the idea to create something new and hopefully something remarkable. When it comes to weapons and monsters there are a lot of space for creativity! They can look whatever you want to!

    Some characters and some progress

    Right before I start learning digital drawing I was participating on another forum about art in "the 2nd Weekly Art Challenge", the name of the Challenge was "A monochromatic illustration of death". I didn't know how to use photoshop or SAI, but I knew something about how to use pastel and I just felt emotional

    "Little death"

    I was very surprised to get the 1st place.. I hope I will have some more time just to draw whatever I want about anything

    Looking forward to talking with you guys!
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    We are on Collective! Please support the project with your vote! Many thanks

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    Got some pretty sweet pieces there, square_art | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Thank you
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    We are on Collective! Please support the project with your vote! Many thanks

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    Wow, quite fabulous art you've created! Especially love the first ones. I think you can add some better image signature and the position of them is in a bit of the center. May changing it can make it more fancy.

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    nice post

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